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  1. Approved! TK 11388 Reporting for duty here! Just wanted to thank everyone who helped and guided me with information and all of you who support the 501st. A special shout out to Lady in White / Ingrid for the in person help and who reached out to me the most. THANKS AGAIN INGRID!!! -Nate
  2. TK 11388 requesting access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=11970
  3. A couple of adjustments here, trimmed up my MTK chest and backplate and snapped it together. worked out great, especially with still having the FX shoulders, they dont fall back anymore with this chestplate. Feels a lot better! Woohoo!
  4. Ok all done!!! Here Are my final pics I submitted to the SO CAL Garrison GML Nick. Woohoo!!! Next up I'll be building an MTK kit and going for Centurion!
  5. The two lower snaps are now removed but the two on top are to connect elastic straps from chest to back to help hold it in better place while trooping/walking around.
  6. Ok so my clips never came from Jesse TK_LEPER. So I had to construct my own out of some bankers clips for the meantime. Worked out well. Also installed my Icomm onto the chest plate with velcro. Installed my Evilboy fan kit in my bucket. Adjusted drop boxes and cut my 45 degree angles at the corners of my belt. I'm done! Gonna post my final pics of me suited up later today.
  7. UPDATE! Gloves from Karin arrived! also adjusted my belt, got rid of the FX one and switched to the one that came with my MTK kit and attached my holster. However I am going to move the drop boxes one more time. Also another test fit. About to install my fan kit into my bucket and icomm onto the chest plate. Tested out the sound with the wired mic and it sounds great! Still waiting on clips for my TD. I'm just eager to get 501st approved here so I think I'm gonna construct my own TD clips out of bankers / money clips. Just so I can take my final photos and submit them already. Thanks to Lady in White / Ingrid for the in person help / meeting this past Saturday. It was very informative and inspiring! Thank you Ingrid, I appreciate all your help! See photos below!!! Note: They are taken in the mirror so they are reversed)
  8. Ok so here it is! Constructed my thigh belt. two male snaps in the front near the buckle and holds them up great with just two elastic straps with snaps attaching. Just dont know what to do with the belt yet, which is keeping me from attaching the holster as well. Thinking I should make a new one with the extra one I have that came with my MTK kit that is sitting here. Yup. Just ordered a new white canvas belt from Trooperbay. Seems like the easier things are holding me back right now. Still waiting on TD clips as well. Aker/Icomm installation seems a bit confusing right now. On the bright side, My new test fit is looking good! See photos below!!! Note: They are taken in the mirror so they are reversed)
  9. OK! Moving along here! I added the elastic cross straps to the inside of the shoulder bells to keep them in place, and it works great. Then I readjusted the shoulder strapping from chest to back, minimized the gap by making a new strap and now my backpiece sits higher up, which I was trying to accomplish. I also minimized the gap of the shoulder bells to the shoulder strap so they are now in the right position. Did another test fit and now it feels comfortable and I'm able to move around now without anything moving around and out of place. Best test fit yet!!! (See photos below) Note: They are taken in the mirror so they are reversed) Next steps will be making a belt to hold up thighs, and attaching my holster to the belt. Still waiting on my TD clips to finish that. I need to figure out where to get cover buttons to cover the snaps on my belt, or maybe just paint them? Then install my Aker/Icomm into the chest. Also waiting on fans to install in my bucket!!! Looks like I'm almost there!!!
  10. Thanks for the help Ingrid! Back to the drawing board for me. Gonna adjust a few things and give it another fit. Send me a PM of the exact date and time for next week so I can make a reminder. Thanks again! Happy traveling!
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