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High Resolution - Kashyyyk Stormtrooper Images (35 Images)

Star Raider

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1 hour ago, KlausDragunov1 said:

Just a heads up these are not showing anything can you send me pics threw email?

This was a thread from 2012 so I don't  think you'll get an email. Photobucket changed their 3rd party hosting rules earlier this year, you will find a lot of older threads on most of the detachments are broken and without images now.

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Actually this section may get hot.  If you think about it, this and the Phase III TK are super easy these days to do, especially if you are an ROTJ and just want to swap out a few parts.  About as easy as it can get for someone who wants to live forever by pioneering a CRL and being the first model.

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That's what I was thinking. It's a costume a ton of people have already built but just painted differently. Aside from the KTK helmet being a totally different sculpt. One person could easily add two new costumes to the legion with one armor kit and two helmets.


I'll get a KTK/Phase III TK build thread posted up as soon as I pick up my Anovos kit within the next couple weeks. 

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