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  1. Welcome aboard! Lots of friendly faces and helpers here to guide you through your build! Make sure to ask lots of questions!
  2. Home Depot, Plumbing or Electrical Conduit, Ask a associate and theyll show you where it is!
  3. Just a different helmet maker... Im pretty sure that one is FX... You can see the various teeth in these photos.... Mine will soon be painted the ROTJ version... http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/album/46-helmet-details/
  4. I've decided to change my decision in making a Phase III and revert my armor back to ROTJ. I prefer to have a nice set of LFL/Canon armor that I can wear to major events... Maybe a future set of armor...
  5. This photo checklist will aid you in becoming a successful candidate for your EIB Application! Please click the PDF link to download it. Example: EIB - Photo Check List.pdf
  6. Ahhh, Probably around 5*C (~ 38*F) Pretty chilly, I wore 2 layers of pants and 3 layers of shirts, thick socks and rather thin gloves.... they were the only cold part there...
  7. Ahahahah! I wonder what Vader was thinking Awesome picture!!
  8. This is our annual Santa Clause Parade in the beautiful city of Ottawa! Thought I would share some images! All taken by Mike Crooker (Star Raider) (Other TK) (Other TK) (Star Raider) (Left: Star Raider)
  9. Hey Kevin! It's Star Raider (Corey) from the Capital City Garrison! Welcome to the wonderful world of Stormtroopers! Your efforts will strengthen our great quest for Death star 3
  10. In the process of talking with my GML to get my Phase III approved
  11. Sorry, My text can seem strong.... But I understand what you mean completely! And no I didn't take it personally The images you posted Dash, give a better view of the rendered version... The model that I have is just the base of what the render looks like ;P
  12. Its not about making the trooper look like the game trooper in the sense that its animated, its about using the parts of the armour that make up the costume. IE. The hand plates, trim around armour, style of helmet. Your comment Sonnenschein also indicates that the Incinerator Trooper and Stormtrooper Commander should also be a peacura? Seeing that both of those models as well came from the same game, are the exact same model and the only difference is the paint applied to the costume. I don't see any reason why this variation, like the TKC or Incinerator should not be used? There are 1000 different clones, its just a matter of making the one I want to wear. and P.S, Sonnenschein, Your opinion matters just as much as everyone else... Your no less special then anyone
  13. I'm going to apply with my Garrison official sometimes this week to get me re-approved as a Phase III Trooper!! (Hopefully, being the first!)
  14. I know this has been talked about before... Haha, Its because the Stormtrooper follows the new incoming Phase III Stormtrooper from The Forces Unleashed. That's the way it is in the game, that's the way it will be on the armor.
  15. I'm the trooper in the Far Left of every picture Was a great photoshoot! All Photos Above copyright Andrew Alexander - all rights reserved
  16. Thanks Guys It was pretty much a Star Wars birthday My Garrison had a little Birthday dinner with me and one other member also celebrating their birthday! It was pretty awesome!
  17. Bahahaha nice video! Thanks!! You guys and ladies, are awesome!! ;P
  18. Welcome to the White Armor forums, Lots of resources here to get you started!! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!
  19. At the press conference today! Group Photo Me!! OTTAWA — Ottawa's first-ever ComicCon will feature sci-fi stars Sir Patrick Stewart — of Star Trek and X-Men fame — and The Incredible Hulk's Lou Ferrigno, it was announced Tuesday. The DeLorean time machine, the slick sportscar that travels through time in the Back to the Future trilogy, will also make an appearance at Ottawa ComicCon, to be held May 12-13 at the CE Centre, 4899 Uplands Dr. Internationally known comic-book conventions – none of them affiliated with each other – have taken place in Montreal and Toronto in the past, but will be put on in Ottawa for the first time this year. More details to come. Read more: http://www.ottawacit...l#ixzz1p1bXv1yn SPECIAL GUESTS SIR PATRICK STEWART British film, television and stage actor who has had a distinguished career in theatre and television. He is most widely known for his television and film roles, such as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation and its successor films, Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men film series, and as the voice of Avery Bullock inAmerican Dad!.Stewart has been a prolific actor in performances by the Royal Shakespeare Company and has been knighted for his contributions to drama. He is said to be one of the greatest Shakespearean actors alive and when questioned about the significance of his role as Picard compared to his distinguished Shakespearean career, Stewart has said: “The fact is all of those years in Royal Shakespeare Company – playing all those kings, emperors, princes and tragic heroes – were nothing but preparation for sitting in the captain's chair of the Enterprise.†More info JOHN DE LANCIE American actor who has been active in screen and television roles since 1977. He is best known for his recurring role as Q on the various Star Trek series and as Frank Simmons in Stargate SG-1.He has also produced several audio dramas based on classic science fiction stories for the production company Alien Voices, which he founded with Leonard Nimoy.He has recently appeared on television shows Breaking Bad,Torchwood and Young Justice. More info LOU FERRIGNO At the age of 21, Lou Ferrigno became the youngest winner of the Mr. Universe title in its history. At the age of 22, he won it again and cemented his name in pop culture lore as the only person to ever win consecutive titles. With his bodybuilding pedigree as a foundation, Lou launched himself into stardom when he earned the role of the title character in the hit television show The Incredible Hulk – and he has been a larger-than-life personality in Hollywood and beyond ever since.Lou Ferrigno has become synonymous with health, strength and entertainment and has forged an ‘Incredible’ career that has involved numerous appearances on the late night talk shows, major news programs and a variety of films. He has parlayed his talents into performing voiceover work for animated shows on The Cartoon Network and was a noted recurring guest star on the hit CBS showKing of Queens.Currently, Lou is battling it out against a host of other illustrious contestants on The Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump and will once again provide the voice of The Hulk in the heavily anticipated 2012 film The Avengers. More info CASSANDRA PETERSON Cassandra Peterson is an American actress best known for her on-screen horror hostess character Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. She gained fame on Los Angeles television station KHJ, wearing a black, gothic, cleavage-enhancing gown as host of Movie Macabre, a weekly horror movie presentation. Her wickedly vampish appearance is offset by her comical character, quirky/quick-witted personality, and valley girl-type speech. More info JEREMY BULLOCH Jeremy Bulloch is an English actor. He is best known for the role inside the costume of the bounty hunter Boba Fett in the original Star Wars trilogy. He has appeared in numerous British TV and film productions, including Doctor Who and Robin of Sherwood. More info VIC MIGNOGNA Vic Mignogna is a professional music composer/producer and veteran actor who received great acclaim for his portrayal of Edward Elric inFullmetal Alchemist. Most recently, Mignogna has been cast as Hikaru in Macross. He is known for such roles as Dark in D.N. Angel, Tatsu in Peacemaker, Kurz in Full Metal Panic, Broly in Dragon Ball Z, Kougaiji in Saiyuki, Mamoru in RahXephon, Hiroki in Princess Nine, Goemon in Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Shougo in Megazone 23and as Gawl in Generator Gawl. He has also done characters in Sin: The Movie,Spriggan, Gasaraki, Noir, Steel Angel Kurumi, Orphen,Excel Saga, Neon Genesis Evangelion (director's cut), A.D. Police,Aura Battler Dunbine, Rune Soldier, Neo Ranga, Yu Yu Hakusho, Gamera, Those Who Hunt Elves, Dirty Pair, All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku DASH!, Nuku Nuku TV, Saint Seiya,Kino's Journey, Angelic Layer, Gravion, Kaliedo Star, Case Closed,Kiddy Grade and many others. More info THE DELOREAN The DeLorean Time Machine as seen in the film Back to the Futurewill be appearing at the Ottawa Comiccon to raise funds and awareness for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. The BTTF.com DeLorean Time Machine is a faithful working replica, built by husband and wife team Oliver and Terry Holler of Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, U.S.A.) to match the original. It is an extension of their enthusiasm for the Back to the Future films and features the famous ‘Flux Capacitor’ and functional time circuit displays. Their DeLorean Time Machine has toured three countries as an ambassador for the officially sanctioned web site BTTF.com, which promotes the Back to the Future™ brand and careers of its cast and crew through various online ventures and trade show appearances. The vehicle has been featured in national publications and music videos, won numerous awards and has even appeared with many of the creators and stars from the hit movie including Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson. This replica ‘star car’ stays busy on the road, as the Hollers are members of TeamFox and use the DeLorean to raise funds and awareness for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. For more about Parkinson’s and the Holler’s mission, please visit http://www.ToTheFuture.org. More info HEROES OF THE NORTH Heroes of the North is an original sci-fi superhero web series that is produced in the province of Quebec. The story takes place in an alternate universe in which Canada has it’s own team of superheroes. The story begins during World War II explaining how various events create a world with superheroes, before quickly moving to modern times as the Canadian Government tries to counter the efforts of a terrorist organization known as Medusa. The Canadian, Canada’s main superhero, is asked to recruit a team in Montreal to help him stop Medusa’s evil plans in Quebec. More info MARIE-CLAUDE BOURBONNAIS MC has been a fan of comics and Japanese animes forever. She was fascinated and inspired by the aesthetic side of some illustrations, the powerful look of those sexy and curvy female characters and their amazing costumes. She’s been formed as a fashion designer and worked in the industry as a costumer/designer for many years before she became a glamour model 4 years ago. Pictures of her have been published in different magazines from many countries and she recently appeared in the FHM Philippines. Modeling and cosplay happened to be the perfect ways for her to unify both of her passions: costume making and personnifying her favorite characters. When she’s not working on costumes and props, MC is traveling for modeling or you may see her in various local and international conventions. More info Link to Comic Con Page: http://www.ottawacomiccon.com
  20. Awesome Newsletter!! I just have to say though... This is a fantastic image...
  21. Bienvenue/Welcome! Let us know if you have any questions! Were here to help guide your experience! Have you got in touch with your local garrison? PM me if you have any questions!
  22. Welcome aboard! Glad to have another Canadian on our side
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