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  1. Home Depot, Plumbing or Electrical Conduit, Ask a associate and theyll show you where it is!
  2. I've decided to change my decision in making a Phase III and revert my armor back to ROTJ. I prefer to have a nice set of LFL/Canon armor that I can wear to major events... Maybe a future set of armor...
  3. This photo checklist will aid you in becoming a successful candidate for your EIB Application! Please click the PDF link to download it. Example: EIB - Photo Check List.pdf
  4. Ahahahah! I wonder what Vader was thinking Awesome picture!!
  5. In the process of talking with my GML to get my Phase III approved
  6. Sorry, My text can seem strong.... But I understand what you mean completely! And no I didn't take it personally The images you posted Dash, give a better view of the rendered version... The model that I have is just the base of what the render looks like ;P
  7. Its not about making the trooper look like the game trooper in the sense that its animated, its about using the parts of the armour that make up the costume. IE. The hand plates, trim around armour, style of helmet. Your comment Sonnenschein also indicates that the Incinerator Trooper and Stormtrooper Commander should also be a peacura? Seeing that both of those models as well came from the same game, are the exact same model and the only difference is the paint applied to the costume. I don't see any reason why this variation, like the TKC or Incinerator should not be used? There are 1000 different clones, its just a matter of making the one I want to wear. and P.S, Sonnenschein, Your opinion matters just as much as everyone else... Your no less special then anyone
  8. I'm going to apply with my Garrison official sometimes this week to get me re-approved as a Phase III Trooper!! (Hopefully, being the first!)
  9. Thanks Guys It was pretty much a Star Wars birthday My Garrison had a little Birthday dinner with me and one other member also celebrating their birthday! It was pretty awesome!
  10. Bahahaha nice video! Thanks!! You guys and ladies, are awesome!! ;P
  11. Awesome Newsletter!! I just have to say though... This is a fantastic image...
  12. Very good point! I can try to reword this, if not, let me know... haha All ab plate buttons are black and arranged according to the same layout as the Return of the Jedi Stormtrooper; buttons are approximately 7/16" in diameter. Or All ab plate buttons are black and arranged according to the same layout as the ROTJ Stormtrooper; buttons are approximately 7/16" in diameter. Let me know what you think...
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