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  1. Got a good amount of trimming done today. Nothing like the smell of dremeled ABS!
  2. i dont want to mess up anyone's team, i just want to play. if you get or know more people to make another team that would be cool thanks!
  3. Rusty we should have done a Makaze team. I posted on the boards that I want to play so if anyone else needs a team mate for droid hunt let me know.
  4. I have heard they are having a problem with getting the leather for the boots and were trying to find another source.
  5. Look at the good little Newb giving advice!
  6. i have a conversion and if you do the little extras on it they look really good. for the riggers of everyday trooping i think that is the best option. in case something happens you are out the least amount of money.
  7. the only pieces you really need to tape fit are arms and legs. the other pieces you really can go ahead and strap together in the verticle. if you look at pics your pieces should "lay" on top of the next piece at certain points. to attach front to back you will need help holding things in place to get the right length of strap. you will still probably have to adjust a couple of times after you have it together, we all do. good luck
  8. good luck! when in doubt on anything, take a pic and post to get advice.
  9. I have not but I have had the same issue with other sellers. I was told that until pp knows the item was delivered the funds will not officially transfer. When my wife sold a phone through ebay, pp showed that the seller had payed but didn't release the funds to her until item was marked received.
  10. greetings Amy from someone just down the road. you might want to join up on the fl garrison boards as well. that is where you can get in touch with locals. if and when you get your femtrooper you would be the first in central florida.
  11. Trust us, once you get approved all your concerns and questions will go away. Good luck on your build!
  12. Are they butt seamed with cover strips? If they are you will have to take them apart, shim them (add armor between the pieces to make them bigger), then put on new cover strip. Only do this on the back sides so that the front sides still look accurate. This is the biggest problem buying someone else's armor, especially if they are smaller than you. Good luck!
  13. Welcome aboard! First go to fl501st.com and join the boards there. That is the FL garrison boards and will have all you need to know about the 501st locally. I actually live down by Disney but you have a few troopers right in your area. With Star Wars weekends coming up that will be consuming most of our Garrison's time over the next month. You have come to the right place if you are looking to be a stormtrooper and read as much as you can and soak it all in. Feel free to PM me any time and I will answer all the questions I can. Good luck and great to have you!
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