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  1. Just as a reminder ........ seeing them brownish does not mean they surely are from wood. There were black and also reddish/brown bakelite ones used that days. Wood was used too, and varied from fresh carved wood to nearly black due to treatment with oils and other stuff. I also have a Mauser Carbine from that time that is straight black, but not painted. Also the antislip carving was different by a wide range. I would suggest to look for real ones and choose what you like.
  2. Don't care to much for replicating a wooden look, unless you like it more that way. Many original stocks were made from Bakelit, a plastic. So onecolored in black or brown without woodgrain is not unusual on the originals back then.
  3. My tone is completely OK, in fact more than nice considering his insulting comments.
  4. Stop whining Corporal. I may not post here very often as i don´t agree to many rules and regulations and how some/many things are handled in the legion (maybe to to the fact that I´m more in the camp of collecting accurate props than into costuming) - but, nonetheless the forum is VERY calm at the moment, the people here ARE very kind and try to be as helpfull as they can. I assumed that you not only read and follow your own posts. If you would have done that you could (and probably would) have seen that plastic is the known material - and so next to every build here uses it. Most accurate is imho Wannawanga tracks (i use it for all my builds, blasters and lightsabers) from the Netherlands, but also Todds from the US is not a bad choice (only small differencies). This forum is a place full of info, but off course people need to read it to learn stuff.
  5. One short notice - rubber is maybe good for impact protection when trooping, but it´s inaccurate. Hard plastic is the accurate material.
  6. Become a empires governor/warlord, have your own imperial garrison, and take over and rule South Carolina is no option?
  7. You really do a great job, Chris. I hope it pays off at the end and you don´t sit on countless blasters.
  8. RPF? Can´t remember you from there - maybe have a link?
  9. You can wait for Chris/Field Marshall to bring his out.
  10. But it seperates the men from the wannabees. ;-)
  11. Ah, he´s still alive. At least when trying to keep customers, but dead silence to those who paid for EFX items loooong ago.
  12. Did i miss this on the RPF, or was it offered in the US? It´s one of the things i still need to find.
  13. The answer is simple. He has seen them, maybe even had them measured with calipers, but for sure they did not allow him to disassemble them and take a piece home. There is no way with the simple tools he was able to use in that days to reproduce their complex shape accurately (in a way it´s as good as he says, when denying that others might be better). Newer technology is easy able to do that job better from pics than, at his time, with calipers (or maybe he only used a ruler?), esspecially when someone does this as a fulltime job. So, nonetheless i don´t like him and his behaviour, i don´t believe his accuracy statements. I´m no costumer, i´m a prop collector - and if i would believe him i would buy his, no matter how much i dislike him.
  14. Morganthirten - but no idea if he sells them atm., or only in runs.
  15. I hope it will be worth the price for the winner. Collectors pay sometimes insane prices for the MR stuff - but i noticed many of the MR collectors don´t buy them for their accuracy to SW, more for them being licensed rare collectibles. Something i don´t get, i never owned (or had in hand) a MR i was satisfied with. Always one or more inaccuracies. Due to that experience i refrained from buying the DH-17 even when they could be grabbed for around/under 200. So i can´t give a definite answer for the DH-17. Replaced everything as soon as possible with real parts - just one of their Leia ANH DDC is still in my collection, but finally bought a second Margolin and have the other real parts, and as soon as i buld the ANH DDC i no longer need that MR toy abominaton (the second Margolin i have is already build as the ROTJ DDC).
  16. I´m wondering if he may offer the Sterling based rebel-blaster at some day, many basic parts can be used from this Sterling.
  17. Ääääh, definately "no". A good second one, but nothing can compete with the real parts.
  18. It´s not about forcing, but that´s the result. I once had a login for MEPD, but it was not that interesting to go there regulary, and so i forgot my password over time. I would prefer them to stay here, so i don´t need to recreate a account there.
  19. I don´t like to be forced to have many accounts and passwords, just to feed the ego of any small splintergroups. The more is under one banner (in one forum with subforums) the better.
  20. Wow, great post, Great for your win if people buy them - but for the law it doesn´t matter when they were bought to carry in public. And for display at home there are much better things than a rubber stick.
  21. No, you don´t really have Germany. The given infos are not wrong, but they are not complete. While you are allowed to OWN deacs, replicas, toys, ...... whatever, you are not allowed to have them open in public. This part of NDs post covers it : "Toy guns that look like real ones have to be stored in a locked container for transport." Even if you have a gunlike thing you are allowed to have, you are only allowed to bring it out of your house in a locked carry case. So trooping with it is not allowed by the law, unless you have it all the time inside the container/suitcase. No Stormtrooper with a blaster, more like a Stormtrooper lawyer or businessman. At an organized event or something related you might get lucky and have no problems (most LEOs know SW), but there is no guarantee for that. One officer in a bad mood, or panic People could bring you in serious trouble, getting arrested, seized blaster, ...... And things for sure will not be better in the future. Better people prepare to get used to troop without blasters.
  22. While Anovos indeed needs to improve their customercare, believing in BBBullshucks is just stupid. It´s a useless institution.
  23. I´m glad you like what you paid for. Not bad but far from the best.
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