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Welcome Bluey and Shooter to FISD Staff


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It's my pleasure to welcome two new members to the FISD command team:


Bluey - the new Detachment Webmaster

Given Damian's new garrison responsibilities it wasn't in the cards that we could keep him as a full time DWM. Noel said he was happy to be help out FISD in it's time of need. We're happy to grant him his wish and I'm pretty stoked about some of the ideas he's had already.


Shooter - the first PRO

Matt came to out of the blue (is that FISD blue?) and offered up his wealth of real-world experience in PR, marketing and communications (it's his day job). How were we to say no? The PRO will oversee all external communcations from FISD beyond the newsletter, including Twitter, Facebook, the Legion boards, and overseeing all PR campaigns for the det. This is a huge role, and one that we're happy to see filled.


Dan (Debater2nd) is staying on as Communications Officer. The PRO will have a wider set of responsibilities, and COMM is being realigned as extended staff in the Imperial Propganda Machine. Thanks to Dan for staying on - he was the driving force on getting the newsletter going, whic has proven vital in keeping many troopers who don't have time to visit the forums often stay connected.


So two new "blues" to relieve our "blues" (yes, an overuse but hopefully there is humor in word play). :)


Please extend to them a hearty FISD welcome. :salute:

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Thanks all!

I'm honored and happy to be here. :salute:


Now... where did I put all that extra time to work on stuff? Hmmmm.... B)

Hey man you better wipe those boots when you log in here! As far as finding time to work on stuff sleep is very overrated. LOL!


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