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  1. I need the dimensions for the real Sterling MKV barrel. I could have sworn someone had a pic posted here on this forum, but I have been looking and can't find it! Can anyone help?
  2. Replacemnet T-track ordered. Then to figure out the cynlinders.
  3. The trigger and safety operate. The magazine is removeable. The endcap is removeable. The bolt appears to be welded in place and I can't move it.
  4. Lots of years of looking. You, if anyone, knows how that goes!
  5. Not much more than a Hyperfirm... But that was at the "good friend price". What part are you talking about? You actually troop with your Sterling? When I ever finish my TK, I have a Hyperfirm for that.
  6. So true! And for those of you who don't know, the real Sterling in the third pic is the one on the bottom......
  7. Thanks to a good friend, I got this Sterling for a very fair price! It will make a great base for my accurate ANH build up! The scope is resin and wll be replaced. I'll also need more accurate t-track, then the Hengstler counter and lastly the cylinders.... you know all the easy stuff....
  8. Sorry to hear that Scott! Someone stole one of Harp's clonetrooper pistols out of his holster at a Griffins event. The only reason we found out is another spectator saw it and let us know. We went to that person with security and asked for it back. A women had it in her purse, under her jacket. She said she was just "kidding".
  9. Thanks Isaac, that is very helpful and yes, what I have built so far is being glued with E6000. And thank you also Ingrid!
  10. I've checked the biceps and they still fit. The calves still fit. The thighs haven't been closed in the back yet. I need to remove a lot of plastic from the ab, kidney, cod and butt plates. I'm not short at 6'1" and I don't want to be a skinny bloke! I want to be muscular in a lean way, not a body builder way.
  11. Yes Brian, that is what I meant! I was hoping someone had already done something like this. I'd love to finish the TK, but I don't have any idea of when I will be done working out. And thank you!
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