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  1. Oops - forgot to transpose my glove order from the boot order - can I combo on shipping for all boots and gloves? 4 sets of gloves - 2 larges and 2 mediums - please and thank you
  2. Count me if for a pair - don't think Anovos is ever going to send me the pair that they owe me.
  3. So anyone know if anyone is doing a animated TK armour kit? I heard rumors that someone was doing a kit but the only hint I got was clone.net (and not Kev)- figured I'd start at FISD before I ran over there to try my luck.
  4. Thanks guys, Novus combo action seems to have done the job. Gotta see it in different light to be sure. Arms are sore though...
  5. Noticed recently that my kit has been picking up the over dye from my black hockey bag, slowly turning my kit pink. Any suggestions on de-pinking my kit?
  6. Can't wear it for a long time - the contacts and prosthetics kill after 2 hours
  7. Okay - how do you post pictures?
  8. Had a spare FX bucket that I didn't want - so gutted it and a little bit of FX make up and - wraithtrooper?
  9. Hey Trooper (to be), There are a few of us hiding in plain sight here in Toronto. Our next gig is at Wizard World Toronto ComiCon April 14th - 10am - 7pm, April 15th - 11am - 6pm. We'll be there and have a table going. Come by and say hi - always looking for good troopers (and these 2 troublesome droids). Pyew! Pyew! C U L8r Ponyboy (Canadian Gar)
  10. Hey champ, I stuffed one of those into an eFX bucket that I picked up cheap. I know a few in my troop that have bucket envy as a result. Comfy as all hell and still fits a few fans in there to compensate for the lining heating up from your head. The material is synthetic and doesn't really get that hot. Padding makes it feel snug. It took a little messing around with before it fit in. In the end I had to cut it and develop a velcro system to hold it in snug. Shoot as many questions as you want on the install.
  11. TK9418 reporting for deployment... Enable TK access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=12922
  12. Way to go Matt - Making your Garrison proud (Canadian).
  13. Yep, I'll chip in too. TK Boots - You guys ROCK! You gave fast awesome service. I'd buy again any day.
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