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  1. Congrats to Tim, our new FISD DL. Now Eric has more time to fix forums issues at MEPD. haha
  2. Attaboy! Dont forget the lot of us at MEPD as well. Out forums need upgrades too!
  3. I use Firefox 25 and 26. Default theme. The issue happens on my laptop. Native resolution 1078x768. Can we chane the layout for people like me using low resolution on older laptops? There's a lot of empty spaces on the left and right as u can see in the screenshot below. No such problem when viewing MEPD. Only happens at FISD http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk27/gordonator008/501st/snap-3.jpg
  4. You may refer here for TD http://www.mepd.net/crl/
  5. I am still having layout issue with my Firefox.
  6. It's still November is some parts of the galaxy.
  7. Well done guys! Hope to troop with u all again if ever there's a chance in the future.
  8. I vote... For ice-cream! Oops, realized there's no ice-cream option so I voted for the best candidate in my opinion. Good luck!
  9. Congrats! Any plans to make a Northern Darkness coin to commemorate the occasion?
  10. Congrats and welcome to the big family.
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