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  1. Excellent Andrew. Now , just a little patience while the D.O. Team review your application and give feedback. Good Luck again. Regards.
  2. Andrew, looking at you sniper knee, you may want to correct the alignment in advance , this is a common correction I have seen the D.O.s asking for. As the CRL Sniper knee plate must be aligned with the ridges on the shin. Cheers.
  3. Hi Andrew, Looking good trooper, an additional photo that the D.O. surely will ask for is : Close picture front and back of shoulder bridge as the CRL states SHOULDER STRAPS These shall be securely mounted in front and may free float in back. They may be affixed with rivets, Velcro, or adhesive. The rear tab of the shoulder strap is optional and may or may not be present. Level two certification (if applicable): No visible rivets are allowed. Good luck trooper, see you in EIB.
  4. welcome to FISD , good luck with your approval
  5. Hi Christian, Welcome to FISD. Here you can open a Build thread and recieve feeback for many experienced people willing to help. Ask whatever you need. Hope you can join the ranks soon as a trooper.
  6. Hi , Tuomas, looking great !! good luck with your application.
  7. Great Iva, Welcome to the Legion and FISD. !!!
  8. Hi, Steven and welcome to FISD. Feel free to ask whatever you need with you build. here you can find a lot of info and experienced troopers willing to help. Cheers
  9. Hi Andre, Great job with your armor, I'm pretty sure you're going to get easy basic approval . I little fix I think you can make in a couple of minutes is to trim your left forearm to have a smooth line and better look. Let us know when you receive your 501st TK ID number in this link https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/160-newly-approved-members-sound-off/ so we can welcome you to the ranks. Cheers
  10. Hi Frank, Welcome to FISD and Glad to hear you are almost ready. Good luck with your approval and let us know when you have your TK ID in the following forum section: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/160-newly-approved-members-sound-off/
  11. Great Simon!!! , Welcome to EIB. Now, don't stop your way to Centurion.
  12. Hi Ardeshir, looking st the CRL for Anh Hero helmet, take note of this: OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable): Ear bars have three bumps only, not four. Regards.
  13. Welcome to FISD Gregory . What a good new that your'e going to join the Stormtroopers. If you haven't done yet, you can request acces to the forum so you can check for building threads and post your own project and recieve some feedback from very experienced people here. Good luck and welcome again.
  14. Hi Ardshir, you're amazing trooper. As Daniel said, It's better to post a new thread for your Hero Armor and a new set of fresh pictures. Good luck and waiting to see your new thread. !!
  15. Welcome to FISD future trooper. Hoping you may want to prepare your build thinking Advanced Levels .
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