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  1. Biceps are done! I am going to measure the leg cover strips for 25mm in front and 30mm in back and see how that fits after removing all of the upper return edge on the thighs.
  2. What about the cover strip size? 25 or 30mm?
  3. This would be on the back. I guess my thighs taper a lot so I have enough at the bottom and not at the top. I will be trimming all of the return edge on the top to get a better fit.
  4. I have a question on the leg cover strips. Looks like I need the full 40mm on the thighs with some space still needed at the top of the back and can get 20mm on the calves. Since my arms are 20mm should I go for 25 or 30mm on the legs and shim the backs of the thighs for more space similar to the picture below from justjoseph? I will try and get pictures soon.
  5. Bicep outer cover strips are glued and curing for 24 hrs. Next up is forearm reshaping and begin on the legs.
  6. Anyone have a video on this? If I press on either side of the forearm will it leave finger prints where I press? I have a test piece that is finishing drying so I can try it out first.
  7. Inner cover strips are dry and the forearms and biceps are assembled! I will continue to make 20mm outer cover strips. Forearms need a little reshaping but I am finally making progress. Two month old babies definitely cut into hobby time.
  8. Did you glue on the outer strips and then give it a hot water bath?
  9. Will a hot water bath remove the glue?
  10. Any pointers? Just boil water and hold the end in the water for 40 seconds, hold into new shape and then run under cold water for it to set? Am I missing something critical?
  11. First forearm closed! However the shape is a bit off. It is more of and oval and is causing pinch points and the arm wants to shift the wrong way. Is it possible to do a hot water bath to ease this tension and make the shape a little more round?
  12. I agree. The 20mm looks better. I will test 17/18mm for fun but I’m leaning towards 20mm.
  13. Here is a better picture of where the 20mm cover strips sit compared to a 15mm strip.
  14. I had to leave 20mm to fit my arms and I cut the cover strip so that no ridge is showing. I may cut a 15mm cover strip to see what it looks like.
  15. While I’m waiting on glue to dry, I began cutting my outer cover strips. I made sure to score and snap on the “rough side” of the cover strip to avoid the slight ridges created by the blade. This gives a clean finished side. Also made sure to sand the non-finished side so I can keep it straight which side gets glued. I have it resting here as a reference. 20mm strips with no overhang.
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