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  1. Hi all! So I've been researching a bunch on TK neck seals and per Joseph's thread, I was able to see all the vetted vendors of neck seals. I wanted to do research on all of the seals before I buy one. Darman's and Geeky Pink have many glowing reviews but I haven't been able to find a ton of info on Trooperbay's neck seal. I assume they are good because they are on the vetted vendor's list but I figured I'd ask around here. What do you guys think? Thanks! Luke
  2. Sweet thanks for the info! From the reference images from the movie and images of troopers on here, it seemed like they were trimmed down more than I had it but I figured I'd make sure
  3. Finished glueing the inner cover strips for the biceps. Next, I'm going to work on sizing the shins. So I know that there needs to be zero return edge by the ankles, but I was wondering exactly how much more needed to be cut off/how high up? It's difficult to tell where the actual return edge is/ends. Cheers all
  4. Yeah good idea! Going to make sure it's solid before putting on the outer strips. Thanks copy that!!
  5. Well I was able to get the forearms worked out. I was having trouble with the seam popping up after I installed the inner cover strips. I ended up making it work by way of a full-on attack of magnets, clamps and painters tape: While I was waiting for those to dry, I started sizing the biceps and working the edges to make them smooth. Definitely trying to take my time with the sizing. The forearms were a good test because I haven't constructed armor before. So now that I've figured out what works, hopefully I can apply that knowledge to the biceps and the rest of my build! Feeling good so far! One step at a time. Just gotta keep telling myself that
  6. Absolutely! Looking forward to installing your fan set in my helmet and I'm very much considering your com setup when I get to that part down the line
  7. Thanks! And yeah it was just sitting there glaring at me so I had to finally get to it! That's great about your Centurion status and hopefully I can join you someday soon!
  8. Thanks! And thanks again for all the advice on the SCG facebook page So I ended up leaving some return edge on there. I agree, that "thick look" looks great so I'm going to do some measuring and see how it all feels. Thanks! Your build thread has been a MAJOR help so I appreciate you putting all the time in to make that! It's been an awesome resource along with all the other threads around the FISD site.
  9. Thanks! I'll keep on keeping on. I started doing the measurements for the shins today so this was a big help!
  10. Thanks everyone! I'm making great progress so far and will continue to keep at it! Thanks for all the kind words! I'm having a blast looking at all of your builds. There is so much great information on here and you all are real pros.
  11. While waiting for the forearms to dry, I am moving on to the shins. Sorry for all the questions coming up at once, but I was wondering how much return edge are you all taking off of the shins by the knee? I couldn't seem to find info about specifically this (most likely it is there but I just missed it). My gut instinct is to just lose it all to avoid the armor burn.
  12. I've been looking through your thread and it is great to follow along with someone who is on the same path with the same armor! Can't wait to see it when it's done! Good stuff
  13. Sooooooooo... I glued the inside cover strips for reinforcements on one side of the forearms and they came out great. But when I tried to close them up and glue the inside cover strip on the other side, I wasn't able to get it to close so that I had a flat/flush surface to glue the cover strip onto. I realize that this will also pose a problem for when I glue the outside cover strips on. I've read on other threads that people have used the "bath" technique. Is this the best method for making those "butt ends" meet? Or is there another way that works better? It seems that it isn't wanting to curve properly for me. (The film started coming up here) Thanks!
  14. Okay great! And nah I watched the Brady Bunch when I was younger so we're all good there Also nothing goes over my head, my reflexes are too quick. I would catch it. (I think that's the line lol) And cool, now I feel good about rounding that edge off. Onward!
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