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  1. Copy that will do! That is a great reference. Thanks! I'm very happy with it. I'm glad I went with your fans and hovi tip mics. They are awesome. Thanks again! Okay great I'll definitely clean all that up! Good to know!
  2. Long post coming I felt inspired to work on my helmet so I shifted to that for a little bit. I'm thrilled with how it's come out so far! Anovos had the hard hat liner which I didn't like too much so I took that out. Actually I gutted the whole helmet. I was going to paint the interior black but felt nervous about taking the helmet apart and putting it back together. So I left it as is. I then moved onto some of the centurion mods since I felt that would be easier to do at the beginning. I first replaced the bottom ear screws with screws from @justjoseph63 and painted th
  3. A little late posting this update, but I did get that sniper knee plate glued on Then, glued the hooks onto the back of each shin, drilled holes so that the hooks could connect, and did the final fittings (all per Ukswrath's thread). Moving right along!
  4. @gmrhodes13 and @Firedog cool I'll go ahead and get rid of it. Cheers!
  5. Thanks! So my other question is concerning the cod area. Should this edge be removed? I didn't see this on the return edge thread. Thanks thanks.
  6. Been making some good progress so time to post an update I finally got that sniper knee fiasco under control and got it to stick. It's amazing how pliable ABS is. One of the the things that solved my problems was that the inner leg side of the sniper knee was too long so I trimmed that a bit and that made it work. A bunch of glue, tape, and clamps later and bam: While that was drying, I skipped around to the abs and kidney section for a bit. I drilled holes for the Anovos supplied split rivets and made sure they fit nicely.
  7. Happy to help! Good luck with the build! That's some serious firepower
  8. Hi! So these are the exact magnets I bought: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MYQV446/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Those magnets in your post look like they would work fine but I prefer more of a disc magnet so there's less of a chance of them coming off if you bump them. I'd recommend getting a bunch of them. I use a lot of them when securing pieces. Clamps as well. And the blue tape is painter's tape. Definitely use painter's tape as opposed to other types of tape. It comes off nice when you're trying to size and glue things dow
  9. So I'm back to working on the shins/calves. I glued the cover strip (half) onto the back piece. The issue I'm having is that when I line up the bottom by the feet, the top part is misaligned, and vice-versa. After looking at the CRL and other photos, I've seen it different ways. Which side should I be lining up? Should I trim the bottom and line up the top? The top after the bottom is aligned The bottom after the top is aligned (excuse the mess lol) Thanks!
  10. Cool thanks for the pictures. Yeah I've been using Joseph's return edge thread but I didn't see a post specifically about the ab piece so I figured I'd ask just to be sure.
  11. Hi all, Back at it. I'll have an update with the shin progress later but while that stuff dries, I was going to start getting things together to work on the abs/cod. My question is...should any return edges be removed for this? I'm assuming not since most of the threads I've seen keep the edge, but I figured I'd ask. Thanks!
  12. Ohhhhh okay gotcha that makes sense. I don't have an extra plastic piece there yet (just the cover strip) but I'll go ahead and give that a shot next time I get the chance to work on armor. Thanks!
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