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  1. Thanks...I appreciate the heads up. Rookie mistake. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=26607
  2. Wow, had I known it was THAT easy, I would have done it months ago. Thanks! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. TK-10742 reporting in and also requesting 501st status! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=26607
  4. Thank you. I appreciate the the reminder. It's something that is going to happen as soon as possible. I am Active Duty Navy, and without getting into too much detail or breaking OPSEC, my deployment cycle over the past few years has been brutal (at best), hence the long build time. Since my introductory post, I have been sent on extended detachment twice. Hopefully now, things have calmed down enough to finally take some good pics and officially request "EIB" status.
  5. Thanks! All in all, I've probably invested a little over $350, due to trial and error. The most expensive part was the ROM-FX. I am looking at stream-lining the process which will help bring the cost way down.
  6. Thanks, Here's a link to the (mostly) completed build. http://imgur.com/a/xVA40Es
  7. 1st off: Please forgive the multiple posts as I've been trying to figure out the best way to upload these images for the first time and doing it all after being up for over 40 hours straight. I will save y'all the lengthy background on the how's and why's of the start of the build and just share the images (that never seemed to post the last 2 times I attempted this). I appreciate your patience with this. I wish I had a better excuse, other than being a noob. I am not officially an idiot yet, but I have requested the status and it's pending approval. Please enjoy the pics. I welcome any and all constructive criticism as I am always looking to improve. Thank you. https://imgur.com/a/xVA40Es
  8. Sorry, I forgot to add, yes it is attached via Velcro. The pile side had adhesive backing and I had sewn the hook side to the back of the head-liner.
  9. Thank you. It’s an automotive head-liner that I picked up at a local upholstery shop here in San Diego. If you go to my revised post, you can see the rest of the images of the build. I’m new at this whole posting thing, so I’m still working thru the ins-&-outs of uploading images.
  10. **Being the Noob that I am, it took me a little bit to figure out how to properly post images, so let's try this again...** After many requests, I am (finally) posting the pics of my ANH (stunt) Helmet Liner and Electronics installation Build. The pics are on the large size as I wanted to show as much detail as possible, I am going to have to upload them over a series of posts. Please bear with me and I apologize in advance for being so "wordy". Keep in mind, despite it's finished look, I still consider this build to be a work in progress as I have left room to add some additional pieces/functions to it over time. My goal is to take the experiences from this prototype and streamline the process to make future builds easier and more user friendly. Any and all feedback on how to do that will be greatly appreciated. This build began back in April of 2015 at the Star Wars Celebration (Anaheim) where I purchased my full ANH Kit from Anovos. At Celebration I was inspired by those whom had fully functioning audio systems in their helmets as well as seeing the liners and padding inside new FOTK Premiere helmets. I appreciated the fact that they looked both finished and comfortable and weren't just either the typical construction helmet rig or worse, just a thin piece of foam hot-glued at the top that didn't prevent the helmet from bouncing around with just basic movement. Trust me, the irony is not lost on me knowing that the original artifacts used for the production of the movie had just that with only a simple chin-strap to keep them from flopping around. During the next year I spent waiting for delivery, I researched the work that others had put into their buckets. I looked at everything from the types and quantity of electronics, to how they rigged the padding as well as how and where the power supply and wiring were routed. Finding a lot of inspiration from the various "how to" build threads both here and on youtube, I decided to take on the daunting task of fabricating something that balanced functionality, comfortability as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, I preferred the idea of being able to have full function just by simply donning the helmet without the need to flip any switches, push any buttons or connect any cables prior to putting it on. Naturally, this meant that I had to figure out how to have everything self contained within the helmet, adding to the complexity of the build. My first step was to figure out size and placement of the padding. I toyed with various sizes and shapes, using everything from old football helmet padding to that of ballistic helmets and flight deck cranials. I quickly discovered that the unique shape of the opening, forcing one to put the helmet on semi-sideways and then twist it into position presented another problem as far as component placement was concerned. It's funny how (despite it's size) you run out of room pretty quickly in the classic TK bucket. The deciding factor to finally just fabricate something from scratch came when trying to figure out how and where to incorporate the electronics without scraping up my face or getting snagged on something when putting on or removing the helmet. I opted then to utilize smaller components inside of the padding in order to save space. Please see the below link for images. I look forward to any and all feedback. Constructive criticism is always welcome as I am always looking for better or easier ways to make things work . https://imgur.com/a/xVA40Es
  11. Please see updated post: Damon’s ANH(stunt) Helmet Liner/Electronics Build (Revised) for link to images and full post. Thank you
  12. Thank you all for the warm welcome and the encouraging words. Due to popular demand I will post the build picks for my bucket, please give me a day or so to get everything together in a semi organized manor. I definitely look forward to getting some input for perfecting and streamlining the process so that I can help others recreate with ease. Thank you again.
  13. Yeah, I am just afraid that by the time I get the 'new' kit that it will be considered outdated or "classic".
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