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  1. As title--both the elbow and shoulder gaskets of the stormtroopers in Battlefront II are textured as the same canvas as the belt boxes, not shiny rubber. I don't think this has any immediate relevance to costuming since we don't have a CRL for the game version of the FOTK (unlike, say, the heavy weapons trooper from the previous BFII), but I thought it was worth noting for the record that there is at least one solid canonical source for cloth gaskets...
  2. On the off chance that anybody's been waiting in suspense for an update on this thread, I'm making progress on the megablaster .stl files and will publish them here when they're finished.
  3. Hmm. Thanks, everyone. I've had an 850ArmorWorks helmet theoretically on the way for a while, so I'll plan to leave this be for the moment and see how the new bucket turns out. If I can get that one looking good I'll probably retire the Anovos instead of trying to repaint it.
  4. Hello all. I've been trooping in the Anovos TFA kit for the last couple of years and have gradually developed what appear to be stress cracks in several places on the helmet (both temples and the underside of the chin). At the moment they don't seem to compromise its structural integrity, but they look terrible and I don't know how to fix them--this is the fiberglass helmet, so it came as a single preassembled unit; it has padded cloth lining attached all over the inside, so I don't think I can take it apart without doing a lot of damage to it. Has anyone else experienced this, and do you know what I can do about it? Photos for reference: Right temple Left temple Chin
  5. Upon further inspection I realized that the Do3D version has the trigger in entirely the wrong place on the blaster--behind the grip rather than in the (large, obvious) trigger guard. That speaks sufficiently poorly of their quality that there's no way I'm paying $60 for the thing. I'll go some other route, either scratchbuilding most of it or making an STL file myself.
  6. Yeah, that's what prompted this post. The reviews I've seen have mostly indicated that Do3D doesn't have a great reputation (models aren't printable, stuff isn't screen-accurate, customer service is terrible, etc). A lot of their stuff is really ambitions, though--they offer files for full stormtrooper armor, for instance, and I don't think it's at all likely that you could actually print that and get anything useful by 501st standards--and that may be feeding some of the negative reviews. The megablaster is much more approachable than a full armor kit, but I haven't seen anybody else that's printed one. Obviously whoever took those pictures has managed to print the whole thing, and it looks reasonable, but before I purchase an expensive STL file I'd like to see if anybody else has tried it and can vouch for printability/accuracy/etc.
  7. Hello all. I'm thinking about upgrading my FO TK to a heavy gunner, so clearly I need a heavy gun. I have a 3D printer and have just had a very positive experience printing TheFifthHorseman's SE-44C, so my natural inclination is to continue doing that if I can. I see camprandall's files for the greeblie box (and they look fantastic!), but I'm lazy/optimistic enough to want to print the whole thing if possible. There's an STL file for a whole megablaster available from do3d.com, with photos indicating that they at least have managed to get something pretty good looking out of it, but I see that do3d has at best mixed reviews overall, and their STL files are expensive. Has anybody tried printing their blaster, or any other megablaster, or does anyone know somebody who has? Or do you have other thoughts on approaches to this? Thanks!
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