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  1. There is a big brown box full of ATA armor in the next room. So, So Shiny. Ahhh... nothing like the smell of fresh ABS outta to vac form! ESB. Best movie of the lot. On screen it was amazing when Dad took me to the movies. I wanted to be a Stormtrooper. Fast forward to adulthood and I did. I got the suit, pushed and pushed and made Elite right here. Then went all Dark... SL9135. Had a great run. The Stories from that time... out of this world fun. Hung up the cape after Episode 7. But... I miss it. "TK9135 Why are you not at your post?"
  2. Good to see a mission report and glad you had a chance to troop in Tokyo with the guys. Great bunch here, and getting stronger!
  3. You all had a great photo op. I can say that the next Celebration we at the SLD will be taking cues from you all. HELL of a great time meeting so many. Looking forward to meeting more at CE2. Yea... I have to get to that one too. Celebrations are just too cool to miss!
  4. Ill be doing many a thing for my podcast that has been on a hiatus... If its one to one, I want to look at it! I cant wait to see all the costumes, all the just... Star Wars Stuff about!
  5. I am getting excited. Geeked. Stoked. Motivated. Restless... However you word it, I cant wait to get on that plane. Grueling trip, jet lag... all aside. Star Wars Celebration 6. 4 Transfers, one train and thousands of miles to travel. I cant wait to shake as many hands as I can. Meet those I have only typed to in the recent past. Drink my quota of beer for the year. ( moderation though, I am a family man...) My last Con was Celebration Japan, and if this is as half as cool... and it will be, I cant wait. To my long time Star Wars friends that I get to hang out with for a
  6. I guess being in the military community you think of this everyday. The least we can do is remember them on theirs. Past and present.
  7. eBay has its up sides. Never had an issue with Sith Armor, nor with Customs Props and those guys. Thing is for plastic costumes SO many versions of the same stuff abound on ebay that its hard to keep up with who is going good work and shipping on time. I don't really like Droopydoos, but he does at least ship on time. Really, doing your home work prior to buy it now is the way to go. Trust me, I learned the same way. Just have to sort the wheat from the chaff.
  8. Japan in the house! Tickets for the grueling oh... 22 hour flight are to be bought today with any luck! Going to the bash, and fully plan on bringing some kind of costume... donno yet though on what. There better be plenty of brewskis in Florida when I land!
  9. What is crazy is I had Arbys and RAM microbrew for my birthday. Stateside for a week! Home now and settling in to life again. Thanks for the wishes you all.
  10. Don't drop it... That peanut butter colored resin shatters. Man, that mold they use is shot. The details of the Master Replicas blaster they recast are pretty soft nowadays...
  11. New shows are up! ATA ABS helmet review in both of them and big things planned for 2012. Spread the word and feed back is welcome. Show Ideas? Let me know!
  12. What is TKC? Sticking to the CRL is a real good bet anyway around. The word "liberal" gets iffy if you are looking for accurate costume replication.
  13. ---------- Just a few I have had over the years... TKs would include... TM, AP, TE, TE2, CAP, ATA, FX, ANHV2, MRCE... I think that is all of em... Vaders... TD, Smiley,DS, Fang, Don Post, GB, JBv1, SPFX, Portumac, MR, Rubies Guards... Don Post, South American Scouts... Rubies and MLC Man... I shoulda kept better records.. LOL
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