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  1. Got the same neck seal too, and I think the mystery gift was some stickers.
  2. Ironclaw

    Tux Trooper

    Lookin' good Maybe our race in 1000s of years from now will have a stormtrooper looking head.
  3. Welcome to the best TK forum on the web Can you post some pictures of what you have please? Always interesting to see progress pictures.
  4. You forgot 6. Chicks dig the armor One of the things about a TK that chicks love is probably the bulging codpiece Hmm, I wonder about all our female TKs out there, what their reactions are if the same sex hits on them . As not all TKs talk, so the audience doesn't know if it's a male or female... but of course (imo) they always assume it's a guy
  5. Pictures taken before the blaster was modified (scope, greebles).
  6. If RoTJ has to have the holster on the right, and blasters only have the mag on the left... I would simply just hold the blaster and never holster it.
  7. I can't really see the problem. Just draw it with your left and switch to your right.
  8. Ok, to make this thread more complete, I'll post some more pictures. If you are like me, you LOVE threads/posts with pictures (maybe add "picture intensive" to the title?) Ok, as you can see in the previous pictures I've posted, my thighs still have a bit of the "barrel" look, but that's the best I could do. After all, they looked like this before. And as you can see, they were very oval-shaped horizontally, giving the insane barrel look. If I added more shimming so they would go up further, the thighs would be even wider than they are in pic 3. If I adjusted the back and moved it closer inwards, so I got a good shape, then they would have like 6 inches or something left to get all the way up. My only option was to heat them and reshape them (which I tried several times long ago), making them oval-shape VERTICALLY. So, after I successfully reshaped them, they became like this: Now the barrel look is greatly reduced, and I can get them almost to the top. My first attempts to reshape them was with boiling water. Just a few seconds was enough for them to "warp" (think that's the word you guys use) Here's a couple more pictures I took when I took my latest shots for the preference pictures for 501st and for use here on the Expert Infantry (elite) page. I didn't include these two among them as I don't like these ones that much, cuz they were taken with flash on, so lots of the nice shadows were gone, and you can more easily see the color difference of the helmet compared to the armor. But I like the front pose as from that angle, my left thigh's barrel look isn't so obvious (maybe these weren't so bad after all and should have been included?) Here is another picture that was taken the same time I took my first pictures in the top post. Didn't include this one because it's a lame pose. The guy who takes the pictures told me to do a cool pose... meh.... I didn't know what I looked like so couldn't do a cool one. Should have gotten a huge mirror to pose infront to find a good one .. oh well. And finally some pictures of my gear. These were taking before I did the final required changes to the blaster: The elastics in this pic isn't used... I just had them in the pile anyway.
  9. http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?show...amp;#entry52004
  10. I've shown some of my buddies my armor, and they ALL can't see the slightest difference between my FX lid and my new one (avatar pic)
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