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  1. If you make grappling hook and box sets again, could you please PM me

  2. Those pictures kill me, man, your faces are really funny, hahahahaaha Congradulations, nice wedding!
  3. I'm seriously wondering what the market is like for costumes like these. I mean seriously. I have no idea. Is the market for this stuff huge?? Sexy Star Wars costumes? I don't get it. Everything is screen accurate though, that's for sure.
  4. I might look into that, thanks for the heads up!
  5. Hey guys! Been a long time (since i rock and rolled...) But anyway, I have been posting in other older threads (a long time ago, that is) of my helmet progress, and well, you know how I finished the cap and back? I have that part casted in... well, vacuum-formed HIPS. I just vacuum-formed the mold (effectively giving it a nice sand-down), popped the mold out (kinda ruining the plaster original in return, but it doesn't matter because the pull is pretty tight anyway), and Ta-Da! I have a lighter, tighter, and less in the way cap and back mold: These are the only two pics I could get off before my camera died... What to do from here? Well, I gotta know if it looks good to you guys, first! The next step? Make a final mold from this. Now, what I've been thinking of doing is spreading bondo on this inside, then maybe some fiberglass, and spread more bondo on top of that, and so on until I have like an inch or so of bondo and fiberglass layers. I might also add a wooden dowel that stretches accross on the inside to act as a handle for demolding... MAYBE. I'm worried that that idea will end up breaking the mold. What do you guys think, though, of my Cap and Back?? I'm sooo happy with the way this turned out. That plaster mold DEFINATELY was NOT solidly made at all, and now I have sort of a "welded" female mold of it. Now, I just gotta fill it with something. And I'd like to try to save my HIPS Female Mold of it, just in case my Male Plug Mold breaks or something. What do you think of my Bondo/Fibergalss idea for the mold? Dang, I love how this turned out.
  6. Oo, Ooo, Oo!! Wish I had the money. Sorta...
  7. WOW! Excellent build, man! I actually JUST noticed this thread. CRAZY fine work there, sir, VERY GOOD!!
  8. That's SWEET! Nice job, Tyler! That thing is FAST! Holy cow. Practically screen accurate. Nice work.
  9. Holy cow. THAT's a big deal. That's dedications right there.
  10. OHHHH! The suspense is KILLING me man! (btw, not to hijack but did you get your mouse droid shells...?) I wanna see what's in the box!!
  11. Hey, that is just SWEET! Excellent job, man, really well done!!
  12. Dude, this looks SO nice! EXCELLENT work!
  13. WOA! I didn't know of this thread! NICE! My only concern is all of that added weight might make this thing MUCH slower... I dunno, you PROBABLY have it all figured out, I'll shut up now. LOL
  14. NICE! Seeing some good progress headed in the right direction! (that was a little redundent now that I think about it...) Anyway, NICE WORK!
  15. WOOOOW. o.o That's intense. That actually would have taken forever in the 70's. WOW.
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