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  1. rapstertee

    Terry TK2135 - 2018 TKC Build Thread

    Okay, I've had my delivery of rubber edge trim (Thanks to Mark aka @sskunkyat CfO for this), and I want to start putting it on the torso parts - Looking at other builds, I guess I need to trim off the return edges before adding the trim? Can anyone confirm please, before I start cutting?
  2. rapstertee

    Terry TK2135 - 2018 TKC Build Thread

    I'm very grateful to @gmrhodes13 for this, as it opens up the TKC and Shock trooper builds for many more people. As the CRL is usually regarded as law, this helps me greatly. Thanks guys.
  3. rapstertee

    Terry TK2135 - 2018 TKC Build Thread

    Yes, you're right. Thankfully the CRL doesn't insist on overlaps any more.
  4. rapstertee

    Terry TK2135 - 2018 TKC Build Thread

    Really? That's good to know, thanks. I'll check I've got he latest CRL, but looking at my own kit, there's nothing there to overlap with. Might have to go the cover strip route. Cheers!
  5. rapstertee

    Terry TK2135 - 2018 TKC Build Thread

    I'd like to tackle the arms and legs next. While Ive built many ANH stunt kits using the cover strip method, I'd like to ask some advice form those of you who have built using the overlap method. Simply - where do I start? My thighs are in two parts and they're still going to need strips at the front and back. Are there any reference pics I can look at to get my head around it?7 EDIT: a photo of the front of my thigh.
  6. rapstertee

    Terry TK2135 - 2018 TKC Build Thread

    Latest on the ab buttons. I've inserted the block and new buttons into the existing area, and epoxied at the back to keep it (very) firmly in place. my plan now is to do some more filling and smoothing, then a very localised coat of white gloss over the 5 buttons to get it to blend in, hopefully seamlessly. As for the central block, I'll do a wee bit of filling in the thin gaps, then the blue stripe should cover all of that area anyway.
  7. rapstertee

    Terry TK2135 - 2018 TKC Build Thread

    Okay, so today, I looked at adding the fifth ab button, even though it's not mandatory for level 2 clearance. Or so I believe - the CRL doesnt mention that the main ab plate is inverted, and only mentions the fifth button under Level 3 criteria. I cut out five ABS strips, glued them together into a block, and added five large brass drawing pins for the buttons, glued in place by epoxy glue. In the pics below, you can see the size and shape of it next to the existing 4 buttons. I'm going to cut out the four, and insert the new block with five, then add some filler (most probably 'porcelain white' Milliput) , sand it and see how it looks. The weathering and scorch marks will be handy to hide a multitude of minor sins...
  8. rapstertee

    Terry TK2135 - 2018 TKC Build Thread

    In the TKUK kit, the ab buttons are moulded into the ab plate, so I cut out the button plate, and inverted it. I might fill the cut line, but it'll all br painted dark blue anyway, so probably not noticeable.
  9. rapstertee

    Terry TK2135 - 2018 TKC Build Thread

    Hi, yes, it took 4 months as David was unwell and offline, but here are the replacement plates. This is how they came, so I'm happy that they're not overly trimmed. Since taking this pic, I've trimmed one plate completely and it looks much much better. Yes, the belt came with corners trimmed but it looks ok to me. I've started a build thread for my TKC on the UKG forum too.
  10. rapstertee

    Stormtrooper commander blaster

    Another question re blue stripes - the CRL says biceps have TWO stripes (one front, one side) , but I've seen three on some pics - the Gentle Giant bust for example, has one at the rear. See top left of pic: Rear stripe looks good and makes sense. Does anyone have this stripe on their kits?
  11. Thanks for the info. While I'm not expecting to get to Centurion, I'll see how far I can get to the best level of accuracy I can. I think there may be only one TKC in the UK at present, and he's wearing my TKC that I started building then had to sell on due to financial difficulties. So it'd be nice to have another in the UK.
  12. A couple of questions, given that the TKC is generally based on ROTJ armour: Does the white edge trim need to be added to the kidney plate? Is the kidney plate allowed to be separate, or must it be connected permanently to the butt plate? **EDIT: It's mandatory on the CRL** Do the arms and legs need to be assembled using the overlap method? (TK300 site confirms the ROTJ armour used overlaps) Are these above things mandatory for TK Commander builds? They don't seem to be mentioned in the TKC CRL.
  13. rapstertee

    Terry TK2135 - 2018 TKC Build Thread

    Video #2
  14. rapstertee

    Terry TK2135 - 2018 TKC Build Thread

    Here's my initial box opeing video. Don't worry, it gets better. Feel free to subscribe and follow my progress.