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  1. Miss you, mate. In addition to the wealth of TK knowledge you shared with the community, I also miss the musical numbers you shared on other social platforms.:salute:

  2. Hi there, trooper. I would try reaching out to the German Garrison. I know lots of members have RS and would have ordered from the UK. They might have some advice for you on taxes etc. I’m not an expert with Tie Pilot costumes so wouldn’t be able to give much advice there, I’m afraid. Best of luck with your journey into costuming. :-) Best wishes Dan - CableGuy
  3. Haha - that’s SO true. Even when you’re the one putting the suit on, when you catch a glimpse of yourself with the full suit on, you’re like “oh wow - a Stormtrooper”! Lol
  4. Hey troopers, If you’re new to trooping, or just fancy a look, this video might be right up your street. In this video, I run through how to put on a complete stormtrooper suit, along with tips and tricks along the way. For those aiming for accurate armour, this could be a good resource. The suit of armour I’m using in this video is a combination of super screen accurate as well as troopable. I hope you enjoy the video and find it educational. If you have any questions, please comment below or in the YouTube comments. Best wishes Dan
  5. #19 - Royal British Legion - 4 Kingdoms Adventure Park Well, it’s been a LONG time since I posted here and that’s because it’s two years since my last troop due to a mixture of covid and bad health. But… …I’m BACK!! Yay This weekend, I got back into the armour in aid of supporting The Royal British Legion (aimed at supporting veterans). We spent the day mingling with the guests and taking photos, and a fun day was had by all. This was only the second troop in this suit. Overall, it was great. Just need to add mobility cuts at the rear of the thighs. I don’t know how much was raised, but, the smiles on people’s faces, young and old, was enough for me. Here’s some photos from the day (I’m the short TK). Until next time, thanks for stopping by. :-)
  6. Hey troopers, Welcome back for another update. But, before I do *** making the blaster heavier *** As this is a 3D printed model, it was feeling very light. More like a toy. To make it feel more “real”, I actually filled the scope with salt. Yes, salt. As this was easily available and cheap. I also drilled some holes in the body and filled parts with salt, so this prop now feels more weighty. I’m now almost finished with this blaster. After the previous update, I added a couple of light coats of Grey primer. As before, this was Halford’s brand: Based on the reference photos of the “promo trooper” SE-14R, I chose Gloss Black as the top coat. Although the lighting is not great, here’s pretty much where I’m up to. In the flesh, it’s looking really nice. It’s certainly more towards the gloss/satin look, which I like. I will weather it back a touch, but not to have the appearance of metal coming through. As I’ve said in this thread, I believe the Promo Trooper had a studio made prop, not a real modified Remix.
  7. Hey folks, Two steps forward and a little step back. Work in progress - SE-14R Below - I’ve been using Milliput to make modifications. These include: Filling the scope at both ends Significant change to trigger housing Filling in knurling Filling area under rear end cap After doing lots of sanding to get the Milliput blended in, I then applied a light primer coat to see how it’s all looking. You may have noticed that I’m removing the knurling from the muzzle and end cap - this is true to the specific version I’m following. The step back is that I dropped the scope and it cracked. I’ve attempted a repair and hope it will be strong enough. Oh well - onwards and upwards. :-)
  8. Welcome to the FISD, Mike, and congratulations again on your clearance. Regarding EIB and Centurion, you won’t have a huge amount of changes to make (in my opinion). Probably worth having a little look at some previous RS EIB and Centurion threads to see what changes have been requested and see if your’s might need similar. Once you get your TKID, you’ll be ready to post your EIB thread and get things moving. Best wishes Dan
  9. I’m approaching 40 but have trooped with many people older and younger. Once the helmet is on, the age difference disappears. I hope you find the answers you’re looking for. Given the common ground that we all have (trooping, Star Wars, raising money for charity etc.), I’ve found that age is not really a divide at troops. [emoji16]
  10. Made a little bit more progress. A coat of white primer and some more sanding. Some areas are now pretty smooth, whereas some of the hard to each areas are still a little rough. Might try another round of filler primer to help fill some gaps.
  11. Hi Chris, That is very kind - thank you for the offer. Thankfully, details are not super important with the "LFL Promo Trooper" version. Looking a the photos of the original prop, it is my assumption that the studio made their own Frankenstein version. I assume that they had an original Remix-Favor and made some moulds from it, then just stuck parts together in a fashion that they liked. I think this because the main body/barrel is rotated incorrectly compared with an original Remix. Also, the scope has been filled, as has the muzzle. The area at the back where the stock would attached is also different on the 'Promo' version. This is why I ditched the Thingiverse version - it was based on how a Remix should look (as most appear to be), not how the Promo Trooper version was for the photo shoot. This file from DD has both the original body and the LFL PT version. YAY!! As always with me, I'm aiming for mega-nerd levels of detail... lol
  12. A few people recommended filler primer before continuing to sand that actual 3D printed part (so as not to lose detail). I followed this advice and picked up a can of Filler Primer from my local Halfords (car spares and accessories) and started spraying. As below, I kept some of the parts separate to get a decent coverage. *For reference, I did around 3 coats across all of these parts and that used up a single can of paint. After some initial sanding, here’s how it was looking. I then introduced a little wet and dry sanding. Although some lines are still visible, many parts are now feeling very smooth. As always, more to come. :-) Dan
  13. Hi troopers, After a lot of searching, finding a good quality SE-14R appears to be very difficult. As there are a few versions, including R1 Death Trooper, Lando from Solo era, computer game version, Promo TK etc., getting just the right one is not easy. So, I decided to dust off the 3D printer and go that route. Trying Thingiverse, there are a couple of different models. None fitted the exact version I needed, but, I decided to start printing with the aim of making heavy modifications to the printed parts. To start, I was using a rather generic model. This one was made of many different parts. Here’s some of the parts that I’d printed: Although it was “okay”, it has lots of differences to the version I’m going for - the “LFL Promo Trooper” version. As I’m all about details, this wasn’t up to my nerdy/fussy requirements. Based on what I’ve seen, I believe that the Promo Trooper version was a studio made model, rather than modifying an original Remix-Favor sub machine gun. I believe this as the main barrel is at the wrong angle, as well as many parts being “filled”, unlike an original. I assume they cast from original parts, then made a Frankenstein version of it. So, I did some more asking around and, the lovely Colin Adams (OddViking) suggested Droid Division on Etsy. I checked out this version and WOW - it’s fantastic!! They do a couple of versions, including the different body for the Promo Version. Here’s some pictures of my progress with the Droid Division version: The parts are really well thought out, and, as you’ll see, many parts are printed together. Great for stability of the finished product. Here’s a couple of comparisons against the Promo Trooper version: For reference, I’m printing this with PLA on a Creality CR-10S5: More to come as I carry on sanding and prepping. Best wishes Dan
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