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  1. I am on FB, and I had no idea about that group. Thanks! I'm having trouble finding it, though. Any idea what it's called?
  2. Thanks Mario. That thread helped a bunch. I have to admit, though, it looks like the shins are on backwards with the “curvier” part on the outside. It always looked like that belonged on the inside, where your calf dips in toward the ankle. This will help me get unstuck though.
  3. Hey guys, I’m still alive! I went on major hiatus, but I’m back and pushing at getting my armor done. Anyway, here’s my next trouble spot. I’m not sure what side the lower legs are supposed to be on. I took a picture of what I think it’s supposed to look like, and this pic would be as if you were looking directly at the trooper’s legs from the front. Does the “curvy part” of the lower leg belong on the inside? It seems like it should to me. Also, although it’s difficult to see in the pic, each upper left is higher than the upper right. This seems lopsided, but I really can’t see the legs looking correct any other way.
  4. I'm so glad you mentioned that, it's exactly what I was experiencing. I was even questioning what direction the bicep pieces were supposed to turn. They absolutely do not fit well with the "curvy part" turned in toward your side, and the glued on strip facing forward. Did you do the shaping of the pieces after trimming, or before?
  5. I think I'm probably going to run the strips inside and out for all the pieces. Next up: biceps. I feel like every little piece is giving me trouble. Ugh.
  6. I actually figured it out, and it came out pretty even. Thanks for the input. Next Stupid Question alert, I put a cover strip on the outside of the forearm seams eventually, right? It's hard to tell what cover strips are going on in a lot of different build pics.
  7. You're a funny man, and you echo much of what I've been feeling lately. Gonna follow your build, too.
  8. Something else that's causing me concern, how do I end up trimming the end of the forearms? See how they overlap at an angle? That needs to run straight across, right?
  9. Thanks Buckeye! Something so simple, yet it had me at a standstill. It's late, lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Dumb question. What do the bumps line up with on the forearms? Do they line up with your ulna bone, or are they on top of your forearm? Pics showing both below.
  11. Well, I'd love to say I was off saving the world in the time I've missed, but sadly that's not the case. What I can tell you is I'm gearing up in a major way to try to get this thing completed, and....I posted another episode. Hope you like it. (Also, I find it disturbing how huge the thumbnail is, but whaddya gonna do, lol)
  12. I got the notification in my inbox to this thread, and thought, "Gee, what a clever title." Turns out, I wrote that. I guess I think I'm pretty clever.. Anywhoo, I decided to go with ANH Stunt. Can't say that I can tell you what the difference is, but I do know that what I picked is pretty common. I also went with it due to it's status as being the first common armor seen in the movies. It's currently under construction.
  13. I'm building, too. I yearn for the day.
  14. Whenever I post the bare link, with no BB Code, it makes the preview for me. Enjoyed your video.
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