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  1. Dan, you’re right on both counts. Ill extend the teeth and I see my forearm issue now too. I was thinking I had to cut off straight to fit me. But I just need to carve out a section from the inside elbow so I can bend my arm without pinching. Dan, I’m gonna owe you more than a pint by the end of my build!! [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Are my teeth alright? Also left ear (facing bucket) is sill missing the top screw so the top of the earpiece will tighten up at the top. I think I need to watch Dan’s build again. Apprehensive about trimming my armor. Question...what end can I trim off on the forearm? Either way I go I will be into the outside detail ribbing.
  3. It did. Although theAM armor is really thin. But the only TK I’ve ever had was an FX kit from a long time ago. I finished the ears (minus one screw and painting them) as well as the frown. I’ll send pics in a little bit.
  4. Sorry, still working on posting the best quality pics possible. Here’s the latest. i decided to glue the halves of the bucket together at the ears so the screws wouldn’t be under as much stress wanting to pop through the countersink.
  5. Progress!! Let me know what you all think. https://imgur.com/gallery/jKtVdtq
  6. Thank you Dan! I’ll post a pic of my bucket tomorrow showing it’s progress.
  7. Dan, thank you sooo much for posting your detailed build. It has been/is incredibly helpful and is giving me the confidence to just dive into my ANH Stunt armor build. I am also going for Centurion level and have been building very slowly trying to make sure everything is perfect. Thanks again .
  8. I do have a brow question. I’ve seen some brows that have been run past the traps, covering the bottom of them and run under the ears as well as left straight. I’ve seen some that are cut at an angle to cover the trap completely yet contour around the ears. And some the brow has stopped short of covering the traps when it’s stopped by the plastic under the ears. Which is Centurion level correct?
  9. Does anyone know if I have anything to worry about with the new CRL’s coming? I’m working to make my TK Centurion level.
  10. will your HOVI tips work with icomm and Aker 1506? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hello, I just received my BBB yesterday and got started on my build. Pretty sure I have all the material gathered with a couple exceptions that I’m still waiting on. I did find a small crack in the back section of my bucket and AM is sending me another one (great customer service, quick to reply back to all my questions...and I had a bunch before ordering). This will probably be a slow build since I really want Centurion level and want to do it right the first time. I also am simultaneously building an Imperial Officer uniform. Here’s what I have so far. Please let me know what you think, suggestions, anything. Thank you
  12. Ok, sounds good. Will be ordering them from you next payday.
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