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  1. Congratulations Joe. You look amazing and I’ll be eagerly looking forward to your joining the ranks of EIB and Centurion soon!
  2. Looking good Joe! I had the same issue with my butt and kidney plates. I replaced the outer most snaps with the hook and loop. I glued white hook to the ab and kidney plates and then ran two vertical 2” strips of loop from the kidney to the butt plate and that locked everything up real tight.
  3. There may be no glory, but your level of knowledge and expertise from all those builds and your willingness to share it makes you invaluable to the detachment Glen, as evidenced by your 10K+ posts.
  4. Congratulations Natalie! Welcome!
  5. Making excellent progress as expected Joe. Your attention to detail is always impressive...most impressive. I’d tell you to keep up the great work, but you doing that is a given [emoji6].
  6. This is really well done! Incredible work!
  7. Dude, you’ll rock this one outta the park like you do all of your builds. Can’t wait to see your progress cause I know it’ll be amazing!
  8. Congrats Eric! There was stiff competition. Looking forward to adding this to my collection.
  9. This is US based but you can’t go wrong with the quality: https://www.etsy.com/shop/UkswrathsSpeciality?ref=usf_2020 If you already have an iComm then you’d probably only need the Stormtrooper Audio System. Tony does great work. If you’re merely looking for a substitute for the Anker then any portable voice amplifier available in Europe should be compatible with the iComm system.
  10. Congrats Ron. It was great meeting you Saturday.
  11. Congrats Trina on making the first 500! Welcome to the ranks!
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