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  1. More progress! One more of primer, then black and matte coat, add a flashlight (rogue one) then troop!!!
  2. Just received my new neckseal from Imperial seamstress. Very nice fit and function! Good communication and price..delivery took some time to the Philippines...no suprises. I will use this one on my next troop!!!
  3. I did quite a bit to my BS bucket. The beginning of my build thread shows most...getting rid of the battery box and speaker are the most important! My stock lenses do just fine, I blacked out the inside of my bucket...brow lowering and chin extension is a bigger job...up to you...definitely paint to match armor! Have fun...Good luck!!!
  4. Looking good! I used supa glue,snaps, and velcro to hold my armor together..just trooped Sinulog in Cebu and spent 10 hours in armor...no problems with my suit at all!! With the forearms...I used a belt sander to remove the back side of the cover strips till I was OK with the thickness...the top and bottom edges are pretty much gone....have fun!!!
  5. Found them on my own....not listed in this area...Should be, yes nice selection! Went to them after no communication from Sheev's after 10 weeks.....
  6. I just ordered a neck seal from Imperial seamstress in the UK off of Etsy....shipped out in two days....pics and opinion when I receive it!
  7. Yeah....tried to contact them for 10 weeks about an order...no communications back whatsoever....got a prompt refund...no worries.
  8. Ok I understand now, black ABS from ebay. Used it for the black stripes on the side's of the torso also..the chest and back plate was a trial and error kinda thing...you can see on my build tread how I came to that alignment. I had to heat and tweak my shoulder straps to get the sides to line up. I made them as wide as the lower back plate sides...glued them to the back plate and used snaps on the front...two per side...good luck and have fun!!!
  9. Side wings? Um clarify please...yes all ABS parts....
  10. Originally from Washington State USA. Now retired and trooping with Cebu Scarif Garrison Philippines!
  11. Think I'll go with breathable blue material, venting purposes...helpful with my Hasbro bucket!
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