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  1. My question is the height measurement on the belt teeth that fit in the gaps of the abdomen. Look about half an inch but would like a more sure answer. Not mentioned in the CRL....thanks Ben
  2. Trimmed, sanded and cut slots. ready for paint!
  3. I had to build up the back for the grove on the hand guards.....850 armor doesn't have them when made....
  4. Got the chest done. Hope to mount the shoulder bells and work the biceps soon. Getting there!
  5. Just got the last piece!
  6. Got a new goodie today!
  7. Also worked on the back plate. Added the 5/16" ( 8mm) hole and the ( tabs ) under the rear pockets.
  8. My reinforced bridges work great and I used my heat gun to bend and twist them to a better shape. I may need to do more but we will see as I progress.
  9. Here is some more on my Chest/Back plate combo. I reinforced behind the front pocket because the plastic is thin and started to warp.
  10. Tabs it is! Awesome thnx
  11. In the CRL for the back plate under centurion it says tabs on the bottom of the shoulder bridge pockets. The pic looks like slots. Thoughts? Thanks Ben
  12. The Black Series bucket is interesting build! Good luck.
  13. Reinforced the bridges today, waiting for them to dry. I mocked it up with more distance at the top and the bottom lined up much more like the CRL pic.
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