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  1. Yeah I was checking out the back of the drop boxes in the pic you posted above. Now I have to relieve the back so they look like what you show above. Nice!
  2. Thank you for all the help. Yes Mike used your files then tweaked them for my belt! I stopped posting to the Facebook feed. I am staying with this one though.
  3. Paint,sand,repeat!!! My brother Mike printed the boxes for my belt...Look awesome!
  4. Good to see your making some progress. Have fun!
  5. Got some time and started on the details for my kit! The 850 kit has some casting flaws I need to fix......My brother Mike has a printer and made me the parts for an awesome looking T Det thanks Mike!
  6. My cover strips are resin cast. I used a belt sander to flatten the backs so I could glue them to the abs parts. I also used needle files to clean out the groves in the front. Lots of time spent there. I'm starting on the details for the ab front and back plate now. These are also cast. I will post pics as I go. Then on to the belt and thermo detonator! Hope your having fun and good luck!
  7. OK here is my first time wearing my armor. It was an experience! I still have lots if adjustments and trimming to do. Just wanted to share. I used my ROTJ blaster for show.
  8. I used some scrap abs to build up behind where the slots go. See pic. Then used a pencil to mark a line and carefully dremmeled a slot down through the top layer. Good luck and have fun!
  9. Finished the shoulder straps and will mount bells soon. Almost ready to wear the full kit minus belt for first time! Will be able to adjust fit and post some preliminary pics! Then paint!
  10. Hey thanks for the "heads up". My boxes are 2 3/4 tall and the CRL states the belt should be 1/8 to 1/4 larger top and bottom. This how I came to the 3 inch belt. I am ordering some white ABS so I will work it out. Thanks!
  11. My question is the height measurement on the belt teeth that fit in the gaps of the abdomen. Look about half an inch but would like a more sure answer. Not mentioned in the CRL....thanks Ben
  12. Trimmed, sanded and cut slots. ready for paint!
  13. I had to build up the back for the grove on the hand guards.....850 armor doesn't have them when made....
  14. Got the chest done. Hope to mount the shoulder bells and work the biceps soon. Getting there!
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