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  1. Just ordered my lenses from Totalgrunt. Brother Mike is printing Nico's bucket for me!!!! Excited....maybe EIB or Centurion in the future? Anyway back to the DLT....
  2. I'm finally going to get this going!!
  3. Went with Velcro before my last troop. Worked great! Sewed it on the inside of my undersuit just below my elbow joint and stuck it to the corresponding location on my forearm.....
  4. My solution to the thigh straps was too attach then to the ab section. That way they are supported by the ab suspenders. Then an adjustable snap clip....simple! Just my thought.
  5. This is an awesome build! Way better than my attempt! Very nice! I'm working with my brother to get a Nicko print done. Then a might get advanced or Centurion
  6. I used a modified BS helmet to get my L1 approved. I think my armor can get approved for higher levels with a better bucket! I'll be watching this to see how you progress. Jimmy or Nico that is the question!
  7. Good luck and have fun!!!! I went with Darkside for the under shirt. It did take awhile to get it but I like the fit and the neck seal is attached. I didn't use the belt or boxes that came with the 850 kit. The belt material in the kit wasn't tall enough to get the belt teeth right. I used the old heat and bend over a pot technique. It worked great. Jason is correct about the measurement. Bend the belt then mark your teeth against the abdomen. For me it was the only say to get it right!
  8. Look at my build tread here in the the R1TK area. I have a few pics. If you don’t see how I did the mount let me know ok
  9. I mounted my front belt to the abdomen with machine screws JB welded into the back of the boxes then thru the belt, finally washers and nuts to secure. The back belt with T Det I originally held on with Velcro. That was not strong enough, so I used snaps and it works great! Hope this helps. Remember to have fun!
  10. Good luck on your build. Nothing like trooping a TK!!!! I built an 850 kit so I'm not much help to you. I will support you in spirit! Just to add, I was challenged by the vents also. Had to fill and redremel. Looking back I should have practiced on some junk plastic first. Check out my thread if you want. Again good luck! Have fun!!
  11. I use a neck pouch/wallet for my keys and stuff.
  12. So after my T Det and the rear part of the belt fell off on my first troop I had to remount it! I had industrial velcro holding it but not strong enough. I put four snaps on it and its much more solid now!!!!
  13. All I can say is more weapons please!!!
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