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  1. So here comes the questions. I'm painting my bucket and starting to trim my armor pieces while the paint is drying. The question is how much return edge on the posterior piece and chest/back armor. The cod piece is marked clearly. Also should I fit the armor after I receive my undershirt? Thanks for all the help and suggestion.
  2. Ready for the White. Update from 850AW armor has shipped! Excitement building for BBB day.
  3. Congratulations!!! I'm Still waiting.....
  4. Filled behind brow,also speaker slots and gap around battery box. Used the baking soda supa glue trick.
  5. Lowering the brow. 1st piece then the brow itself, Still have to fill behind and sand to shape.
  6. Started bucket on 2/22/2020. 850AW armor ordered waiting for bbb day. Excited!
  7. One side done. Cheek vents look much better!
  8. Thanks everyone. I'm sure to have a ton of questions! =)
  9. Ordered my armor from 850AW this morning. Excited!
  10. So I came up with a better way. I ground the material behind the rear vents thinner. Then went at it with the dremel. Looks 100% better. So filled the cheeks with putty and will redo them"sigh"
  11. Yeah I have um. Worried about the material between the vents getting thin.
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