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  1. Here is the 1st fit after trimming and with straps. Definitely have some trimming on the cod and butt pieces.......
  2. Just got my power cylinders and tee tracks from 3dprops. I have seen S&T's on ebay, have to decide on one of those or go with Blaster Factory.....decisions....decisions.....
  3. Got my '43 M38 Classic scope yesterday! I would recommend Bulldog props for any of his scopes! Top notch!!! Surprised with a second '42 M38 basic from Bulldog he had probs with shipping cuz of covid and included this.....
  4. 1943 m38 on the way. Thank you Bulldog props!
  5. Just ordered my T tracks and power cylinders from 3dprops! Still waiting for Bulldog to figure out shipping. He says its ready to go so I am waiting...I am leaning towards Blaster factory for the base e11. Mainly because s&t are not available. Any thoughts?
  6. 1st part today! Small eagle counter.....
  7. First thigh fit. Definitely have some trimming to do!
  8. Working on my armor today....thinking about my DLT.... What's the best way/place to make it break in two for storage and transport?
  9. Here's my kit. It came with a static deployed bipod so I got one from the Guy in Cali. Light and mount from Ebay. Any ideas where to get a sling? Thanks Ben
  10. Replica small eagle counter shipped, working with Bulldog props for a ‘43 scope....any thoughts on s&t verses blaster factory for the base E 11. Thanks
  11. Collecting parts. More to come!
  12. Got my DLT from the Aussie guy. More to follow!
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