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  1. Hey troopers! My Squad has a rookie in need of some help. He was given FX armor a while ago. (Armor only missing arms) I've tried searching on here to see if any mods can be done to make this armor approvable. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. 

    1. wook1138


      This might help. Some standards have changed since then.


    2. DeathTrap
  2. Thank you! I felt it was important to make sure both the OTK and FOTK were properly represented. The challenge was balancing the colors and adding as many as I could.
  3. I was thinking gold stitching around "Celebration" and the city since that was done on the last FISD patch run.
  4. TK16142 requesting access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=28079
  5. Question for everyone. How does the 501st and cons work? Are there perks? Do we just purchase tickets as usual and is there a special entry we go in where we can stash our Huskeys? I've never been to a con before and should be approved in the next few weeks. SuperCon is coming up in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and tickets usually sell out. Any info would be much appreciated. :)

    1. wook1138


      I would speak with your Garrison and see if they are attending.  If they are, they might have arranged for exhibitor passes or something like that. 

    2. DeathTrap


      Will do, thanks!

  6. I realized the weight of the holster is what's pulling down the left side. Adjustments will be made. thanks again guys!
  7. Thanks! The butt does seem to be saggin' a bit. I should be able to raise that. I'll do my best! It definitely was a challenge to get it to fit right as it is. First time build.
  8. Sounds great! Any suggestions on properly lowering the back plate?
  9. Sorry about the photo issues. Looks as if it's been resolved on my end. I have also added 5 Tk # choices if available. Thanks again!
  10. Hey everyone! Hopefully all is good here. I apologize for the images issues when first posting. Very much looking forward to joining the ranks! I would like some input how close I am to reaching Level 2 approval. Not to concerned about Centurion. Also I reviewed the available TK #'s. Here are my top 5 choices... 16142 16176 14476 15016 15142 Jason Jason Litsinger Everglades Garrison (east coast, FL) Armor - Anovos Helmet - Anovos Cloth belt - Imperial Issue Neck Seal - Anovos Boot - TK-Boots Blaster - HyperFirm B grade Height - 6'3 Weight - 175 ANH Stunt/Hero
  11. Hey everyone! I'm a bit shy so forgive me for not posting sooner. I'm nearing the end of my first build and looking forward to sending in my pics for approval and receiving my Tk# 


    I will be sharing some of my build photos and techniques soon. 



    1. gmrhodes13


      Hello and welcome, have a read through the Pre Approval forum, a great way to get some feedback before you submit for 501st approval ;)

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