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  1. Before painting. Otherwise you may have problems with gluing.
  2. Hello. After a long time I'll report again. I finally see an end. The helmet is almost ready. Only the details are missing, those from HSP cannot be used. Overall, the HSP helmet cost me a lot of trouble. I would not buy the helmet again! I got a helmet from Jimmi cheaply through a friend. It's great and much more detailed. The armor of 850 is okay too. Many details are missing or incorrect. But I don't want to complain for the money. My shoes from imperial boots arrived too. I have already partially painted the armor and added very little weatheri
  3. Many thanks for the answer! That helped me further. I have now reworked the knee plate. The details weren't there now. I created the pimples with a Tinkercad. Then I sawed off the original knobs, sealed them with plastic and miliput.
  4. Short question. Did I read that correctly that I can still use the old CRLs?
  5. Many thanks. I received a B pull back plate from HSP. In terms of shape, this is wider than the 850. Overall, I find this visually more beautiful. The back plate would be completely reworked. It was difficult to insert the notch there. I have now applied the first layer of spray filler. Now it's time to grind again ... Left 850AM, right HSP
  6. Hello everybody. First of all, my English is not that good, so I had the text translated in Google. My name is Nils, I'm 24 and from Berlin, Germany. I have been in the German Garrison with my ROTJ TK since 2017. After 3 years I thought that I could make a new costume. Since I liked Rouge One a lot, I decided on a RO TK. So last year for Blackfriday I bought the armor kit from 850-armor-works and the helmet from Headshotprops. The armor was there relatively quickly, only HSP took ages to ship the helmet ... I chose the 850 kit because I
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