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  1. One way to tell is to see if the sniper knee plate fits properly. You can try different combinations and use the one where the knee plate fits best for the left shin. it's the method that I've used for several AM builds that I've assisted on. It works, but I'm sure there is someone that will tell you the correct combination before too long if you are not comfortable with that method.
  2. That's kinda what I figured. Maybe I'll get one just for display.
  3. I had considered buying one those myself. I had some reservations due to the 3D PRINTING. While it looks awesome , I was concerned about durability during trooping. Do you think it is something that you will have to handle with extra care ? Definitely the less expensive way to go compared to something like a Hyperfirm . Just wondering how much durability is lost.
  4. I would like to see a photo as well. I'm interested in seeing what is causing the waddle.
  5. That is one heck of a job on the ears. Not easy to get them that close , unless you've done it many times before.
  6. You can read more about them in the getting started section . 1st topic , various types of armor and where to find them
  7. I think you will find that AM is among the highest in quality. I have a kit, although I am not a big guy and had to trim alot to get it to fit me properly. Still love the kit . Heavy duty plastic and very durable. Not only thick plastic but a sharp looking kit as well. It will satisfy when you open the box
  8. I'll back you on the amount of hard work put into making molds by hand. No joke, a lot of hard work and money. Not to mention the hours and hours put into heating and pulling plastic. It's not right for someone to step in and steal your work and profit from it.
  9. I run the rivet through the elastic for the drop boxes. they always hang perfectly . Didn't always do that, but I have been recently. It works great.
  10. The brow kinda has that puzzled Spock look. Pardon the other side reference. Lol. You can easily adjust the brow.
  11. Not the way it is built in the picture. Not to sure about that bucket either. The dome or top of the helmet is a little large . If you bought it as a kit and put it together yourself you could eliminate some of the other problems in the build. Still I would recommend going with on of the vetted makers. True you would spend a couple hundred more in doing so. But you have the piece of mind in knowing that you are not potentially wasting a couple of hundred. The builder of the suit pictured is not an experienced builder. There are several things that were not done correctly. That tells me that there a potentially several other things that may not be done right as well. You might get by with that as a Halloween costume, but if you are going for 501st approval then I would leave that alone
  12. I feel ripped off, and all I did was look at the site. DON'T DO IT.
  13. If you have a TK Talkie or Trooper talk or one of those that add the static burst then you can use the EQ to knock down the frequency that is giving you the problem. also you can set the volume output. This would allow you to turn up your amp to maximum but only allow a certain input to the amp, therefore not letting it get load enough to feedback. Not to mention if you like the background chatter of other troopers talking , you can also set that volume to a separate level than your voice. this is what I do with my TKtalkie.
  14. Hi Paul. I'm in Maryland also. If you decide to do a build, you may want to get hooked up with some of us other TKs here in the area. It can seam a little overwhelming trying to do your own build , but the Old Line Garrison here in Maryland is full of some awesome people. They will offer a ton of advice and help. Best to get hooked up with one or two of the TKS that have done a couple of builds and live close to you. If you run into some issues then someone would be close by to offer some on the spot advice and help. It sounds like you have been in touch with the Academy. That is a great move on your part. Bryan and the rest of the staff know just what you need. Good Luck, and welcome aboard. Tom.
  15. Also , just to add on. the USB batteries last much much longer then regular batteries will. Mine has never ran out when fully charged ahead of time. It's ran for up to 5 hrs pretty much continously. And it is all contained within your helmet, so it doesn't become an issue at all. You charge it up the night before you troop then just turn it on and forget about it, it works. No replacing batteries during a troop or worse not being able to.
  16. The main idea behind the fans is to get a little air moving inside , mainly to keep your lenses from fogging. Your going to sweat inside your bucket, but let's try not to have it running down your lenses and making it difficult to see out of. Like its not already that way to begin. On the flip side, you don't want to get to much air moving around your eyes and start drying them out. All that being said, most fan systems work just fine. Although , my preference would be one that has two fans , one switch and most importantly a USB plug in for a power supply. You can get a USB rechargeable battery the size of a lipstick case and velcro it somewhere inside your bucket along with a few other short wires running around to the fans and you still have room for mics or other audio systems that you may desire. I would fret too much over which is better, just get one from someone who is selling them on FISD. That way you know they ard made with stormtroopers in mind. Makes it easier when someone has done the thinking ahead of you. Good luck with the remainder of your build and happy trooping. Tom
  17. I would try to clean it up the best you can. After you get the glue residue off then it shouldn't look too bad. Maybe some super fine grade sanding if nessesary. But it's not really that bad . Just try to get the glue off and post some more pics.
  18. Just to be clear about the help in purchasing would only be in the advisor role and not financial.
  19. Hi Adam, I'm Tom. the easiest way to find out what your local garrison is and how to get in touch with them is to go on. 501st.com . There it will give you a run down of the different garrisons and which locations they cover. For instance. I'm in Maryland USA. So my local garrison is the Old Line Garrison. You would do real well to contact your local garrison, they might even have someone that could volunteer to help you with purchasing and building your armor. It would more than likely be someone with a good deal of experience also. Good luck, Tom
  20. It would probably look better if the cover strips were bigger. Just be sure that they are all of equal size. If your forearms are large as well , then make the cover strips the same size as the bi ceps. It looks better if the whole arm has the same size cover strips. Even if they are large.
  21. Just recently got started in the 501st. Never had the time to do this sort of thing, but always wanted to, since 1977. Decided I would have to make time. So far I have the TK approved. The TD is still under construction. I think they need more squad members.
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