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  1. One way to tell is to see if the sniper knee plate fits properly. You can try different combinations and use the one where the knee plate fits best for the left shin. it's the method that I've used for several AM builds that I've assisted on. It works, but I'm sure there is someone that will tell you the correct combination before too long if you are not comfortable with that method.
  2. That's kinda what I figured. Maybe I'll get one just for display.
  3. I had considered buying one those myself. I had some reservations due to the 3D PRINTING. While it looks awesome , I was concerned about durability during trooping. Do you think it is something that you will have to handle with extra care ? Definitely the less expensive way to go compared to something like a Hyperfirm . Just wondering how much durability is lost.
  4. Welcome to a great place, with a bunch of great people. seeing how you still have a few months before ordering your armor, a good idea would be to start reading some build threads. You will definitely get a better idea of what can be done to make the armor fit you the way that it should. That is most important. Each suit of armor is customized to the wearer as it is built. These build threads will show you how to do that. Keep in mind that some threads focus on some areas while others will focus on different things, so read many of them. You will be able to go into your build with more confidence when the time comes and also choose which armor will suit your needs with more confidence. Good luck, and always ask questions.
  5. I would like to see a photo as well. I'm interested in seeing what is causing the waddle.
  6. Welcome aboard. You said that there was not much left to do on your TK build. That's good that you decided to tackle the project yourself. It might be a good idea to post some pics of what you have done so far. People on this forum will let you know when you've done a great job on some parts . Also, they will give you suggestions on how to better some other parts of your build if they notice something. People here are very helpful and happy to be help as well. Your idea of getting some fans for your bucket is almost a must have, especially when the summer arrives. Without them , the rest of the world can look as if you are looking thru a kaleidoscope. Anyway, best of luck with the remainder of your build.
  7. That is one heck of a job on the ears. Not easy to get them that close , unless you've done it many times before.
  8. You can read more about them in the getting started section . 1st topic , various types of armor and where to find them
  9. I think you will find that AM is among the highest in quality. I have a kit, although I am not a big guy and had to trim alot to get it to fit me properly. Still love the kit . Heavy duty plastic and very durable. Not only thick plastic but a sharp looking kit as well. It will satisfy when you open the box
  10. I'll back you on the amount of hard work put into making molds by hand. No joke, a lot of hard work and money. Not to mention the hours and hours put into heating and pulling plastic. It's not right for someone to step in and steal your work and profit from it.
  11. I run the rivet through the elastic for the drop boxes. they always hang perfectly . Didn't always do that, but I have been recently. It works great.
  12. The brow kinda has that puzzled Spock look. Pardon the other side reference. Lol. You can easily adjust the brow.
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