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  1. The first pic is from the movie, a Sandtrooper, and the other is a pic of a cosplayer. Unless you get a helmet used in the movie it’s going to look different. And even the helmets made for the film didn’t all look identical. However, by the looks of it the cosplayer helmet is an RS propmasters helmet with means it’s a copy of a screen used helmet and as close as you’ll get. Why then, does it look different? Well, depending on how it’s put together, and also in what angle the photo is taken is going to change the look of the helmet. It is also, as you say, depending on were you get your helmet from, if someone is sculpting based on photos or have an actual helmet used in the films to make copies from. As an example, I could make a sculpt and sell helmets and say it’s an ANH helmet but it will not look like the ones in the movie 😅 Another ex, from the movie, both are ANH helmets but look very different, the one on the left beeing a Hero helmet and the one on the right is a Stunt helmet.
  2. TK-Troop #14 ComicCon Stockholm 5/5-24 It’s been 5 years since I last Trooped as a Stormtrooper so about damn time! 😄 I’m the toshortforastormtrooper in the back, why o why do I always get to stand next to 190cm + guys…… Also did some other stuff…
  3. Sanded some more and I guess were they got the inspiration for the deathtrooper helmet from🤓
  4. Haha but no need for feeling stupid ’cause it could have been anyone in a TK suit 😅
  5. It was also funny as you asked me who I was and I was quiet not to give it away at first and you carried on explaning you were one of us😄 yeah I was teasing you a bit So…Nice one for spotting a different Trooper in the line up👌
  6. Slow…very slooooooow, so that’s a hard no on the dare
  7. Yeah the downside when altering the size. I have an idea that should make it fairly ”easy” but we shall see
  8. Helmet all glued up, not pretty but does the job , also added first round of filler.
  9. Helmet partially glued, added some spacers and there’s now enough room. Still very snug but wearable.
  10. I got some work to do, man that’s alot of pieces It’s also too snug and my eye lids are actually touching the visor when I blink…well don’t blink then I’ll ad som spacers to make the helmet bigger and if it’s a miss I’ll get my friend to print at a larger scale. Had to do the TK-twist to get it on, that was a pretty fun trivia thing.
  11. Looking good and I see you followed Denuo Novo ’s version of the forearms
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