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  1. Congrats Chris, thanks for including me on your journey, and I look forward to trooping with you!
  2. Wow, great work. Having seen what you did with your resin one though, I’m not surprised.
  3. I bought my Lepage version at Canadian Tire; they also have the pan-head screws and E6000 (made in USA).
  4. Glad to help Chris! Standing by if you need anything.
  5. You can see now why a lot of people use the “offset method” for making their sniper knee line up on both sides (one of the few things I documented reasonably well in my build thread, I might add ಠ_ಠ )
  6. Welcome to the FISD! There is a lot of useful information here so be sure to look around!
  7. Thanks! Saw one car off the road on my way to the train station to his morning. Drive carefully if you have to go into work. For the dangling boxes, I think there is flexibility as that connection isn’t seen. Have to go back and look at the CRL...
  8. Two split rivets are used to attach the right thigh ammo pack.
  9. I had just pointed out that my rivets are starting to work their way through the nylon. I used the strip of ABS, but not any extra E6000. I’m going to want to take that section apart one day and give it a re-do. I also recommended reinforcing the torso around the split rivet holes to guard against small stress cracks (which I also have).
  10. An excellent example to follow. Either way, there’s some trimming to line up both ends.
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