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  1. Twosolitudes

    Hello from Florida

    Welcome to the FISD! You’ll find lots of information and support here to help you with you build.
  2. Twosolitudes

    Hi from the UK

    Welcome to the FISD John! Don’t sell yourself short when it comes to doing the building of the costume; it’s a little intimidating at first, but there is a ton of information here to help you through the process, and if you take care you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you can accomplish. Rob
  3. Twosolitudes

    Request your EIB Certificate here:

    Robert Rabey 69103 EIB Letter Dan Thank you! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/69103-eib.png
  4. Thanks Dan!! I’ll make all the suggested changes before applying to L3. Rob
  5. Twosolitudes

    Hello from the Cotswolds

    Welcome to the FISD!
  6. Twosolitudes

    TK 72715 Checking In

  7. Twosolitudes

    Hello from St. Thomas, Ontario!

    Welcome Brendan! Sounds like you’ve already found the abundance of info that’s available. All the best on your build!
  8. Twosolitudes

    Greeting from SLC UT

    Welcome to the FISD James!
  9. 1: Robert Rabey 2: TK 69103 3: FISD forum name: Twosolitudes 4: Canadian Garrison 5: Armour: Authentic Props 6: Helmet: Authentic Props 7: Belt: Authentic Props 8: E-11 QuestDesign Canada 9: Neck seal: Darman’s Props 10: Boots: Imperial Boots 11: “S” seal: Trooper Bay Height: 5’10” Weight: 175 lbs Build thread: Pre-approval: Thank you for your time and consideration! Please se let me know if I’ve missed anything. Rob
  10. Twosolitudes

    Digz Graavz First Build - ANH Stunt from AP

    As to how fitted, I’m not sure how IB does theirs; Darman’s Props tell the buyers that they want the exact measurement of the neck, and not to add anything, and they will ensure the fitting has a little extra.