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  1. Thanks for all you do! Cheers Glen!
  2. Troop #10 for me happened on Saturday Sept 28th 2019 at the Tri-City Super Con in Kitchener Ontario. Also with me in this picture are SL 2759 and TI 10901
  3. Sun Dec 2nd 2018 Joseph Brant Hospital Sat Jan 26th 2019 Brampton Beast Game Sun March 24th Heritage Con CWHM Sun April 14th The Princess Ball Toronto Tues May 28th Blossom Party Toronto Sun June 2nd SW Col Expo Mississauga Sat July 13th McMaster NICU Grad Picnic Sat Aug 17th Breslau Aviation Fun Day Sat Sep 14th Milton Mini Comicon MPL Sat Sep 28th Tri-City Super Con Kitchener Sat-Sun Oct 19-20 Hamilton Comicon Sun Nov 10th Mississauga Coll Expo Sat Dec 21st Rise of Skywalker Etobicoke Tues Dec 31st City of Kitchener NYE
  4. I’m going to have to go back and research the precise dates for my troops to get the exact number, and then I’ll update this more regularly. I started trooping with the Canadian Garrison in Dec* 2018 and had a great time. After that I tried to get out at least once a month, and managed to roughly keep that up until COVID changed everything. I miss trooping, and that’s probably what’s prompting me to revisit my old ones. Here’s hoping we can get back out there sooner rather than later. https://imgur.com/a/1BbIPsm
  5. In a year that hasn’t given much to be excited about, this is really great.
  6. I have a really nice E-11 from QuestDesign which was for getting approved, and I have a Rubies mod and re-paint made by a friend which I prefer to bring to troops because I don’t worry about anything happening to it, and it’s lighter. Just something to consider.
  7. Love my AP armour and recommend it anyone interested! Mark gives great support, and he’s a regular on the board and will help with feedback on any issues or questions you might have.
  8. Saddened to hear of the loss. My thoughts and sympathies are with Ryan.
  9. Hey Allan, welcome to the FISD! You’ll find a lot of support here for any questions you might have about building your kit.
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