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  1. Hello, my name is Nicolas. Ever since my father showed me Star Wars I've been a fan of Imperial Stormtroopers and always dreamed of wearing the coveted white suit of armor. Two years ago I purchased a Anovos ANH Stunt Helmet and its one of my all time favorite props in my office. I started to look whether or not I should invest in purchasing the rest of the armor. I've done my research, looked at the forums and countless youtube videos. I've decided to pull the trigger and shoot for a Rogue One TK build. I recently purchased 850 Armor Work's R1TK and now I'm just waiting for the BBB Day! I'm currently in the Military, as a Military Police Officer stationed at Fort Bragg. Looking to joining the Carolina Garrison and getting to know the members in it. I finally have the financial stability to pursue my passion of Star Wars. I'm excited to join the community soon!
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