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  1. Have you checked places like McMaster Carr?
  2. I've been trooping with this set up for years now. It's a great solution for both wearability and portability.
  3. Very nice work! As others have said, this should be an easy pass for basic approval. You'll find by wearing it that the build is an evolution. You'll tinker with it a lot after your first few troops as you find ways to make it work better for you.
  4. Welcome Jacob! You'll find everything you need to know plus a lot more here.
  5. Celebration London 2015 was a lot of fun and the 40 Year Celebration in Orlando was EPIC. I was expecting Anaheim this time around to coincide with the new Star Wars themed land at Disneyland which opens in the spring of 2019. I was poised to book my flights and hotel and... then the announcement... Chicago. Chicago? Wait. What?!? Sigh. I love going to Celebrations but there’s nothing else there of interest to me so it’s hard to justify the time and expense. I’ll skip the 7000 mile flight and spend the cash elsewhere. To those who will be going, have fun! And to those who have never been , you’re in for a treat BUT plan ahead and expect to spend your nights sleeping on the floor of the queue hall while waiting in line for wristbands if you can’t buy the high level passes.
  6. It's funny that you say you can't spot any differences. I say that because once you do the research and finish building your kit, you won't be able to NOT spot the differences. =D
  7. Congrats on the approval and welcome to the ranks. 100 hours is about what I spent on my TK as well. It's a nice round number that is both a relief and still leaves you wanting more.
  8. I have about ten 501st coins and a wide variety of military and federal agency coins. I see I need to pick up the pace .
  9. That's awesome. I used to go over to the TechShop in San Jose. I gotta get home more often!
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