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  1. these scams are popping up everywhere right now. Including my garrison's Facebook recruit page. unfortunately it seems scammers have easy pickings during the holidays. - ps @ABS80 i've seen that image as well. A few times...
  2. well watching this has indeed been interesting. Enjoy the AP kit, mine has been very, very good to me.
  3. Hey everyone, just reporting some intel from this last weekend's buddy walk for Down Syndrome. Thanks for viewing. (im going to another this weekend!) Hope you enjoyed! See you next time!
  4. Been a long time coming! But as mentioned above: TK 92891 Reporting for Duty! Very glad to be here, already have put boots on the ground this last weekend for a Buddy Walk! I shall report with more on that troop in a bit! See y'all around!
  5. TK-92891 Requesting 501st status update! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29171 Thank you!
  6. any updates on the frankenhelm? it was an interesting read...
  7. As the title states, here is my un-boxing of the new imperial boots! outer bag: inner bag: Shoe box: Boots! I can't wait for the rest of my stuff to arrive!
  8. Post up some updated pictures if you can! I would love to see it all done up and secured!
  9. Definitely following this for my own girlfriend, she is of similar height! Keep up the awesome work, fun to watch!
  10. This is super, super clean work, following for my own mods!
  11. Yeah it’s still in the works as I understand.
  12. Nice! What was the post shoot clean up like, just a quick rinse / dry and off you go?
  13. Hot water bath is always nice and very gentle on the ABS. The heat gun could get too hot and warp the finish a little bit.
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