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  1. Thank y'all! I've started my build thread here if anyone is interested.
  2. Firstly, a sincere thank you to all who gave me a warm welcome here on FISD. Y'all are the real MVPs! Anywho, down to business. I've got a "used" WTF ANH kit that has been roughly trimmed in some areas and an assembled bicep and forearm. I will likely have to take the assembled arms apart and resize them because my upper arm is 10" round and my wrist is just half of that measurement. Thankfully Cricket's build covers alot of good resizing information that I was previously confused about. On to the kit! Here it is all laid out. Top of the ab plate has a confusing partial cut. Will it sit right without any return edge at the top? One of the wrinkles on the underside of the faceplate. Not sure how I will deal with this. It's concave on the inside which presents a problem for simply trimming or sanding it off. Guess I might be painting this helmet after using ABS paste? Yet another pucker I'm afraid to remove on the brim of the helmet. There it is, my complete set. A little rough around the edges but that's where the "Wabi" in 'Wabi-Sammy" comes from. "Wabi-Sabi." Finding beauty in imperfection, wonky stormtrooper armor personifies that for me. If anyone has any suggestions or concern before I start trimming, let me know.
  3. Thank you for the kind welcome! This forum has a deserved reputation for it's helpfulness. I intend to use that to my advantage when building since I'm 5'9 and I'm 130 lbs lean which means lot of dodgy trimming and shaping.
  4. Hi all, I'm new from Columbus, GA. "New" is relative however, because I've snooped on the forums for quite awhile. Recently I bit the bullet on a WTF ANH kit with some prior work done to it (will be starting a build thread soon.) I'd like to build it as an ESB TK and achieve Level 2 or 3 certification since I couldn't live with armor that doesn't have all the little details. Anyways, Looking forward to getting to know some Georgia Garrison members and hopefully do some trooping someday! -Sammy
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