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  1. Hi there - TK 21139 requesting access http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29324
  2. Thanks! Yeah I’ve found that already. I wore the armor for an hour and tried going up/down stairs. The armor bites are confirmation enough that more return edge needs to be removed. Another thing though- any thoughts on keeping poppers in place? I’ve found that some movements caused them to disconnect. Would it be weird to put a little e6000 in a popper I know I’ll need to keep in place? (at least from one end) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks again for the help! Thank you as well Rat. Especially for that last minute "save" ... you know what I'm referring to! I plan on moving toward EI *soon* ... taking a bit of a break first (both for myself and my wallet!).
  4. Thanks Greg! I agree the frown does look a little "off" from the pics. I spent quite a bit of time straightening out the paint, since I had to re-do whatever it was that Anovos did originally. I also had difficulty adding the final tooth(?) at the edges of the frown. On one side there's more space for it, on the other there isn't. Cover strips for the biceps are the same width. Thanks! Aside from touching up the frown on the Anovos helmet, I haven't done anything else with it yet. I plan on making adjustments to the helmet for L2. Yes, the cloth belt seems stronger than the original kits, and it does not come with any configuration for Hero or Stunt (holster). The frown was under-painted instead of having an overspray like the other kits as well.
  5. Information: First/Last Name: Ahmed Ghoneim Future Garrison: Canadian Garrison Armor: ANOVOS Helmet: ANOVOS Cloth belt: ANOVOS Neck seal: ANOVOS Boot: TK Boots Blaster: Quest Design Canada Gasket: n/a Height: 175 cm Wight: 65 kg TK Type: ANH Stunt Name(s) of any Trooper(s) who significantly helped with your build: Rat, TheSwede, and gmrhodes13 provided great advice throughout my build process. Thanks guys! I also need to thank ukswrath for the amazing build thread and Ross Walmsley for the youtube popper tutorials. Front: Left side: Right side: Back: Ab close up: Action pose: Helmet front: Helmet left: Helmet right: E11 pics: The fact that I've made it this far is amazing! Tips, feedback, are very welcome Still on my to-do list: Connect boots to inside of shins using poppers. I'm halfway there, just got my measurements wrong. I'm hoping this will prevent my left shin particularly from sliding around. Order silicone hand guards ... the Anovos ones ... are just, yeah. They slide around a lot. Investigate a few troublesome popper connections on chest and shoulder bells that keep disconnecting when I am kitting up (bending, reaching, etc.). For now I've gone with multiple poppers to reinforce the ones that pop out occasionally.
  6. Thanks Q Yeah you're right about the shin. I haven't finished it yet, but I will be adding a popper to the top of the boot to keep it together (I've just glued the male popper down so far). For the left arm, the popper connecting bicep to shoulder bell got loose and I suspect that's why it was riding down lower. I'll have to try it on again to make sure that was the culprit. If so, any recommendations for keeping some poppers from disconnecting? I'm thinking I might apply a small amount of E6000 inside the popper, but just to one end so that I can still remove it from the opposite end. Sound feasible?
  7. Alright, shoulders trimmed - and drum roll ... for me anyways ... I managed to do a full fitting! Before getting into that, for those inclined to read, I realize it's going to take some time to learn how to get the whole thing on. A few poppers came off, things misaligned, I tried my best to adjust as I went. I missed some things. I also wore the Anovos provided hand guards incorrectly ... See below for all the pics. (Questions and next steps at the end.) How does the overall fit look? Anything too loose? Almost ready for basic? Things still outstanding on my to-do list: Get the frown to screen accuracy, needs some painting Paint and glue the Ab button plates Clean all the glue around the cover strips, etc. Posterior needs some adjusting ... I will likely have to remove the return edge completely in order to heat persuade it better into shape. But I'm in no hurry for this step - unless it will prevent pre-approval. Order silicon handguards ... the Anovos ones slide around! Cheers
  8. Quick question - I forgot to trim the shoulder covers ... since my shoulders are small. I couldn't find any info on how much to cut off... I have four "ribs" glued to the front.
  9. Just received my E11 from Quest Design Canada (on Etsy). Looks great and it was secure/well packaged for delivery. For any Canadians here (since there's limited choice for already assembled replica guns), Quest Design is a good choice for sure. Some pics below: Otherwise, I should be completing the internal arm straps tomorrow - and the V tab that has been glued to the posterior should be dry ... I think I may be able to do a full fitting tomorrow! Till then ...
  10. Another update (sorry if I'm bouncing around - going from one item to the next as things dry / come off the assembly line) : I've been working on the Sniper Knee and decided to glue the front first, and then glue the sides. Long story short, the sniper knee didn't line up well so I figured it would be better to do it in stages. The problem is when I tried to glue and fasten one of the sides ... I cracked the top. You can see it here. Whenever I try to push the knee closer to the shin, that crack gets bigger. So I did two things: I glued a small strip of plastic behind the crack to strengthen it (I hope..) I applied glue at the bottom edge of the Sniper Knee. So clamp is placed on the bumps, rather than near the crack. Hope I did the right thing!
  11. Just did a quick test fit of the lower body, and just the right* leg (sniper knee is still drying). Also posterior hasn't been pulled in yet. How's it look overall? *I'm using a mirror!
  12. I'm not sure ... but ukswrath did that build to L3. So if you follow him, you should be good! I've been following ukswrath's guide religiously as well as Ross Walmsley (for internal strapping). Good luck!
  13. I know ukswrath's guide goes over removing Hero config of Anovos belt and patching it again.
  14. Thanks guys! That clarifies it for me - though I will try heating posterior first, I'm thinking I will still do this to help hold it in. It looks awesome! I know what I'm doing tonight
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