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  1. Bienvenue Melanie! FISD is where you will get the help and support you need to succeed! I could not have made it without the people here. Troop #13 for me is tomorrow and #14 is Saturday! Not bad for someone who was approved Dec 21!
  2. Hello Eric and welcome! So many great people here willing to help you succeed in you desire to become a Stormtrooper! Ask lots of questions. Get the answers you need. You are now a part of a global community that is here to help you.
  3. Hello Cassandra and welcome! I can tell you that this forum is full of the most helpful people I've never met! Ha! I have friends all around the world because of FISD, like Greg (wook1138) and Daniel (TheSwede) just to name two! Never met them but they were instrumental in me getting my armour done and approved! I just did my 12th troop today and it was a blast. Research, read build threads and ask lots of questions. We are here to help you. Sean
  4. Hi Wayne and welcome to FISD. This is a great forum full of great and helpful people. I'm not sure I could have reached Centurion without all the helpful folks here. Ask lots of questions and post pics. We are here to help.
  5. I rigged up a hard "pocket" next to my amp on the inside of the chest. I string the cable out the top of the armour, plug in the phone and get the app going when I need it. Then I just drop it into the "pocket". This keeps the phone dry on hot troops. I don't want my iPhone wet.
  6. Congrats Greg! Well deserved buddy. I'm looking forward to seeing your Centurion application soon.
  7. Hello Fred and welcome. There are lots of 501st members in Ontario but we need more! Give in to the Dark Side. You know you want to. We are here to help.
  8. Hey Matt. Welcome back. I look forward to seeing more progress from you. Keep collecting those brownie points with the Mrs. When you start trooping you might need to cash in on them.
  9. Hello Brian and welcome to FISD. I use imgur.com for my photo sharing. Easy to use. When you get your kit, start a build thread and let us help you get your armour done. Ask questions, post pics and don't be shy. I look forward to seeing your progress.
  10. Dang it Greg! I'm almost more excited to see you suited up than I was myself the first time! Sooo close! Amazing work all round. 501st membership, no problem. EIB, no problem. Centurion, are you kidding me? Easy.
  11. I had my 5th troop today. Toronto Alzheimer's Walk for Memories. 2,000+ people. At one point while posing for a photo, an older lady in a wheelchair reached up and took my hand. I'm not sure she even realized a photo was being taken. I knew she was the reason we were there. Glad I had my bucket on. My grandmother died from Alzheimer's so this event meant a lot to me. Wow. What a privilege to be a part of this.
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