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  1. svache

    Birthday Parties

    That's if they even follow up on their pledge to donate. Plenty of people make the promise but never actually follow up on it. Personally I wish it was a Legion standard to no longer do them. I feel they're nothing but a pain, even more since I'm also the GEC, GCR and GWM, and have to deal with them every step of the way. You won't see me do them, it's a standard no, and a maybe if it's for friends/family (MAW is considered charity and a totally different thing imho). To me, personally, it feels like we're a cheap substitute for the birthday clown at those events. Eveb more when it's
  2. Freakin' awesome Francis, congrats! Cool to see someone else from our outpost is joining the ranks!
  3. I was wondering the same thing haha!! Congratulations Tim, I know you will do a great job
  4. I use these Gorilla boxes.. They were like 26 or 27 USD at the Navy Exchange... They're smaller than the Stanley but fit perfectly in a regular sedan, with the exception of the bucket, the armor fits perfectly in it (I even use one for my larger TFA armor lol). They're also available on Amazon, just slightly more expensive: http://www.amazon.com/Terence-Thompson-2851-1B--14-Inch-Wheeled/dp/B000I5K1F6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1453864317&sr=8-1
  5. Good point Germain, it may very well have been written down in the contracts and all.
  6. The EIB and Centurion levels are not just how the armor is build, it is also about looks and how it is worn, neither of those requirements are listed in the CRL. I was almost denied Centurion (i think it was, unless it was EIB) because I was showing a lot of black due to my longer arms/legs. Nothing of that was in the CRL, yet it happened. And yes, the TD and belt are fixable, and that is something I will push for in my unit as well when they are getting their Anovos armors. I agree it is a good thing to have more EIB *and Centurions as well), but it should be quality over quantity, not t
  7. In all honesty, the kit currently costs $650, which I think is overpriced if it is indeed as thin as people think it may be (0.60 I read elsewhere). For that price, you can get armor from a vetted maker instead, and for a little bit more you can have highly accurate armor. The kit built by them will be what, 1600 USD? I believe there's a maker in the UK who makes highly accurate armor for less than that, and builds it to your size, rather than having Anovos creating armor in generic size ranges. Granted, the $350 deal was a steal, but that's no longer the price. If you got in on $350, you
  8. That's exactly what I meant when I said "quantity over quality" in reply to see a large increase of EIB's. From what I've seen so far, I don't see any reason not to have these kits be given a basic approval.. level 2 or level 3.. I don't know, I don't like it what I've seen so far. That's why, if these kits (from what we've seen so far) are ok to become lvl2, it would seem quantity over quality.. not something I'd like to see happen in all honesty.
  9. Got my replacement bucket yesterday, doesn't look bad at all imho Oh.. and there was also this... Which I bet will make someone in Australia very happy
  10. This is truly a piece of beauty! Love it!
  11. This was a great newsletter, loved every bit of it
  12. I believe they picked the Rustoleum because it was the one matching closest to the buckets. We may see color changes or want to repaint the bucket if we're going with a different brand. As for me, I'm almost done with my paint jobs. Pending on how other people's clear coat come out, I may still do that, but you wont see me switch brand at this point lol... far too happy to finally be done with it (and yeah, what was mentioned before about 24+ hours is exactly why my armor is taking it's time, I give it a couple of days between layers).
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