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  1. when you get your kit let me know as ive not put mine together yet and it been sitting in the brown box for the 2012 maybe you can motivate me and we can work on them together im in sydney ryde area
  2. i want it i have 2 ata in the box still and just have no time to build them ill pay someone to build mine cause theyve been sitting still in the box's for last year
  3. vader74


    if you gonna get that youd better off getting the leather motorcycle suit which i think looks awsome
  4. i didnt have to wait for my boots/pauldron i got them shipped to Australia within a week they must be outta stock
  5. if there was an iphone app i think it would solve it as u can get Bluetooth accessories mic speakers etc can any one make apps ?
  6. looking at other threads of the scope they all seem to have the blob bit it must be original in the casting it were the step down flange bit is
  7. because the original had the dip in the bottom
  8. cheers do they all have that blob ?
  9. sprayed my scope with under-coat today and there is a big blob behind one of the lenses on the side that i noticed is that suppose to be there ? also all the pin bubble holes do you fill them or leave them as im sure if it was real cast bronze there would be pin holes all threw it ?
  10. i cant find anything star warsy on the disney store website ?
  11. i PM'ed you did you get the notification ?
  12. i stick my pics in a facebook album and then copy image onto a forum
  13. http://stores.ebay.com.au/iLOVEtwo-Selectshop?_trksid=p4340.l2563 i got skins style stuff from here
  14. i threw out my hasbro blaster thinking they will make them again looking at price on ebay i wish i didnt
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