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  1. Troop #58 DATE: 05.04.2022 EVENT: Town of Danville May the 4th VENUE: Danville Library LOCATION: Danville, CA \
  2. Troop #57 DATE: 03.24.2022 EVENT: Make A Wish Reveal VENUE: Wish recipient's residence LOCATION: Los Gatos, CA
  3. Troop #56 DATE: 12.21.21 EVENT: Fatima & Jeremy (Friends of the Garrison) Wedding VENUE: Embassy Suites SFO Waterfront LOCATION: South San Francisco, CA
  4. Troop #55 DATE: 10.09.21 EVENT: Samuel Ace-Johnson Funeral VENUE: Olivet Cemetery LOCATION: Colma, CA
  5. Troop #54 DATE: 10.09.21 EVENT: GGG "Bucket Shot" Virtual Troop VENUE: Virtual Troop LOCATION: Union City, CA
  6. Requesting for the 50 badge please and thanks for this nifty and fun trooping incentive!
  7. Troop #53 DATE: 07.11.21 EVENT: At the Movies VENUE: Echo.Church Fremont Campus LOCATION: Fremont, CA
  8. Troop #52 DATE: 05.04.21 EVENT: Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic VENUE: Rio Vista Municipal Airport LOCATION: Rio Vista, CA
  9. Troop #51 DATE: 10.21.20 EVENT: Breast Cancer Awareness VENUE: Virtual Troop LOCATION: Union City, CA
  10. Troop #50 DATE: 04.19.20 EVENT: Love for Liam VENUE: Virtual Troop LOCATION: Union City, CA https://youtu.be/z_QIU1q-wSg
  11. Troop #49 DATE: 12.11.19 EVENT: Star Wars Night at the Golden State Warriors VENUE: Chase Center LOCATION: San Francisco, CA
  12. Troop #48 DATE: 10.29.19 EVENT: San Lorenzo Village Halloween Parade VENUE: Downtown San Lorenzo LOCATION: San Lorenzo, CA
  13. Troop #47 DATE: 10.12.19 EVENT: Temple Hill Symphony VENUE: Temple Hill Auditorium LOCATION: Oakland, CA
  14. Troop #46 DATE: 09.15.19 EVENT: SF Giants Star Wars Night VENUE: Oracle Park LOCATION: San Francisco, CA
  15. Troop #45 DATE: 08.09.19 EVENT: Weird Al Yankovic Concert VENUE: Greek Theater LOCATION: Berkeley, CA
  16. Troop #44 DATE: 08.09.19 EVENT: Miranda Star Robles-Tuttle Celebration of Life VENUE: Chapel of the Chimes LOCATION: Oakland, CA
  17. Troop #43 DATE: 07.27.19 EVENT: Newpark Mall Con VENUE: Newpark Mall LOCATION: Newark, CA
  18. Troop #42 DATE: 06.07.19 EVENT: Library Summer Learning Kick-Off VENUE: Calabas Branch Library LOCATION: San Jose, CA
  19. Troop #41 DATE: 05.01.19 EVENT: May the 4th Event VENUE: UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital LOCATION: San Francisco, CA
  20. Troop #40 DATE: 05.01.19 EVENT: May the 4th Event VENUE: UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital LOCATION: Oakland, CA
  21. Troop #39 DATE: 02.08.19 EVENT: Troop 224 Blue & Gold Dinner VENUE: Branham High School LOCATION: San Jose, CA
  22. Troop #38 DATE: 11.03.18 EVENT: San Jose Sharks Star Wars Night VENUE: SAP Center LOCATION: San Jose, CA
  23. Troop #37 DATE: 10.28.18 EVENT: San Jose State University Star Wars Concert VENUE: SJSU Concert Hall LOCATION: San Jose, CA
  24. Troop #36 DATE: 08.17.18 EVENT: Memorial Service for CHP Officer Kirk Griess VENUE: The Father's House LOCATION: Vacaville, CA
  25. Troop #35 DATE: 08.03.18 EVENT: Ronald McDonald House Summer Camp VENUE: Ronald McDonald House LOCATION: San Leandro, CA
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