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  1. Success !!!!!! Can't wait for Rose City Comic Con - Portland , Oregon

  2. Success !!!!!! Can't wait for Rose City Comic Con - Portland , Oregon

  3. I'm happy to see that My Pictures and Post's are actually seen. Thanks to all for the support... If anyone ever has any questions feel free to ask... As I have built a lot of stuff Now it seems like and have learned a lot in My Endeavors.... Thank All .. MTDSBWY
  4. That's the Gut Michael... "Roy".... I'll have to take some new pictures and put them in My Photobucket Page ... it's at the bottom of My Profile.. I have 2 real Sterling Blasters and have them Completed with M38's and Hengstler Counters.. Thanks for Looking...MTDSBWY, Christopher
  5. The Tracks are very easy to trim and just heat with a lighter and use a pair of Needle Nose Pliers to Bend. This is how I did it, extremely Easy
  6. My T-Tracks came from Holland ... The website is ( Wanna Wonga . Com ) real nice guy Excellent Service.
  7. Well if all goes well will be picking up Real German MG34 for HWT to go along with Real Sterlings I have Built.. :-)

  8. Received My ICOMM System Today ... Going to hook it all up and Chrck it Out. YEA

  9. Some of The Very Best People EVER ... Are right HERE ... Thanks to All

  10. Hey I was wondering if anyone out here know if the Helmet HOVI MIC'S work very well or if there is another supplier other that The on on EBay the ones there are list at 2 Amp seem Would Not be very Loud or Clear .. Thanks in Advance. Chris/ST06/CCG
  11. Well I just ordered my Comm System from TK Products got a ICOMM along with Headset and Aker Amp hope it is what I needed .. ;-) Really Hope it Does what it Claims

  12. Put some More Pictures of My Completed TK on My Photobucket Link

  13. sorry for the multiple posts phone acting stupid
  14. Man are the ANOVOS dimensions WRONG.... I did mine the same way on the Kidney holes ... I had Not drilled the Abdomen Yet.. I had installed Snaps for My Build so didn't use the Rivets as support items ... but saw this thread, I'll have to fill the holes on the Kidny portion... Dam
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