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  1. I actually have the DLT and an EE-3 from them. Both great quality, super light, and love the electronics. I also love that the DLT breaks down too. I think I was one of the first that purchased it. Now I have both the Hyperfirm and IEA versions.<br> Both are great items and highly recommendable. I just like having my lights and sounds. Haha especially for Christmas time and night troops. Keep in mind you can always disconnect electronics or order the version without. <br> Hope my review was helpful. There's a few of us out here in Inland Empire squad that have his rifles to ask for more reviews.
  2. Thank you very much for your support and ind words. Glad to be among the ranks with you two.
  3. Absolutely an easy fix. Is just one photo in front okay to see that I have fixed it? Or do you need me to do the whole set again?
  4. Gabriel Arroyo TK-83186 y2gabe2 So Cal Garrison Height: 5' 5" Weight: 160lbs. Armor: Anovos Helmet: Anovos Blaster: Hyperfirm Boots: TKBoots Canvas belt: Kitell Hand Plates: Trooperbay Neck Seal: Anovos supplied Thank you for your time and consideration Here is the link to my EIB submission. http://www.whitearmo...-status-anovos/ Link to Photos http://imgur.com/a/w5itw
  5. I appreciate all the feedback and will be getting on this very quickly. I already started with the strapping system. Just upgraded to Mr. No Stripes. Thanks for all the feedback. Look forward to seeing you in Centurion Level.
  6. I love the video! Thanks for sharing, congrats, and welcome.
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