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  1. Just a heads up, if you already had a paid account with photobucket you will not be affected until december 31 2018. After that you need the plus 500 subscription, otherwise you will loose 3rd party linking too. I hope your build threads will not go down, they are a great resource. Too many threads already have been affected.
  2. No problem. Not a really important issue right now, but it would help with mass converting images. If you look at the pathfinders forum it's not a source code button, more like a different editing mode. It toggles if external links are executed or not.
  3. It now always shows the source code, which is fine for me but I'm not sure everyone will like it. The source button just opens a popup showing the same code.
  4. It's not visible in my browser, tried it with chrome and internet explorer. I tried to insert a screenshot but it is not showing, trying again in this post.
  5. I'm trying to fix the broken photobucket links in my build thread. I moved the pictures to personal hosting, but I need to replace the url's in my posts. However, when I edit the post it shows the images directly and I can't see the original url it is pointing to. So I can't use a search/replace to fix the broken url. I already fixed my build thread on the pathfinders forum and there I can toggle between the html code and showing the pictures in edit mode. Can this be added to the edit post function? I need to see the original image url's or I'm not going to replace each image manually.
  6. Theo van Geffen 31026 Centurion A4 Tony http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/31026-centurion.png
  7. Theo van Geffen 31026 EIB A4 Tony http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/31026-eib.png
  8. Looking good Pawel! A lot of effort but well worth it! We need more Centurions in our garrison!
  9. For basic approval it should be fine with or without the gap filled. For higher levels it might be an issue. For Centurion the shim must be seamless and I think the filled gap is still visible.
  10. For Centurion it must be flush (not sure about EIB) so this will not work. You don't have to remove the entire shim, this one can be used as the support strip for the new shim. You need to find a piece of abs with the same thickness as your kidney plate. Then shorten your current shim, but leave enough so you can glue the new shim on top of it. It should be flush with the kidney plate. Then use abs paste and a lot of sanding and polishing to hide the seam. This will get you to Centurion.
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