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  1. Batch: the collective amount of parts in a single set of armor. Sent from my iPhone using The Force
  2. I’ll be sure to ask before I get too far. I’d definitely rather handle the modification now rather than later. As always, I appreciate the help fellas. Sent from my iPhone using The Force
  3. Nice collection! So I’m guessing, in regards to the forearms, just because there’s a screenshot of a particular character that they won’t allow it? Is this similar thought towards things like missing armor, Mr. No Stripes, and things like that? Sent from my iPhone using The Force
  4. Yeah that’s pretty bad.. luckily it looks like KB took the Finn route on their design. Wanted to make sure what I was getting into before I glued these together. Here’s mine: Sent from my iPhone using The Force
  5. Ahhhh.. well that helps! I couldn’t find that particular shot and didn’t know it was specific for him. Yeah, I do like the mobility. Not having to pay attention to which way my forearm is facing before bending my elbow is kinda nice. Sent from my iPhone using The Force
  6. I need more room for things! I like all your stuff, definitely going to pick up some more items on my next trip to Galaxy’s Edge. I didn’t know I needed all those things the first trip out there! Sent from my iPhone using The Force
  7. Also, I keep seeing this forearm. It has the cut out near the flare that drops down. I’m assuming it’s an Anovos thing and KB is using the same shape. But I’m curious why it’s there if it’s not a screen used part of armor.. I saw that TheSwede fixed his KB forearm. Sent from my iPhone using The Force
  8. And just for fun.. I had to have a place to display my Stormtrooper bucket. So I got a shelf from Ikea for the guest room. But because there were four spots, I needed more buckets (naturally). So I picked up a Black Series Luke X-Wing and Vader helmet to help fill the spots. The Boba Fett one is on pre-order for May. Sent from my iPhone using The Force
  9. They do have some significant weight to them! And here are the other items I grabbed. Got some clip greeblies. The ones on top are KB supplied and the bottom are the cast ones very similar to what was used on screen armor. The smaller clips are almost the same size, but the larger ones are much different. I do love the detail in the KB pieces, but I like the larger clips, especially for the spats. They already have the curve and they have the little ‘pin’ on them. I am definitely using the larger ones on the spats due to the surface area underneath for Velcro. Sent from my iPhone using The Force
  10. Currently waiting on the gaskets and harness before I go to much further. Especially with the leg pieces. Should have the blasters ship out very soon.
  11. So just a little update.. as I did get a few things done lately. Finished up the spats. Ended up taking the return edges off of the ends that get glued together. Made for a pretty decent look and fit. Just need to finish trimming the upper and lower return edges. Got the torso where I want it. Still have to work on a closure system. Looking at doing two elastic strips on either side (for a little stretch) and use a zipper. Finished up the biceps. Had to use my heat gun to form them to where I wanted them. Seems they come from KB a little oddly shaped. I’m using some JB Weld PlasticWeld (epoxy putty) to fill in the seams. I tried my hand at making and using ABS paste on the chest/back connection and it didn’t go well. I made the switch to this stuff, so hopefully it’ll work out better. Can you tell which holster I’ll be using? I’m sorry but the one supplied with these kits is plain awful. I’m not hanging my blaster from that. And last but not least.. I got a few extras for my build, and so glad I did. I’ll let you decide if you prefer cast or ABS parts. (Btw, I’m in love with these belt boxes and especially the handguards!) Sent from my iPhone using The Force
  12. Ouch. I felt that. Looks like it’s time for some bodywork and paint. Sent from my iPhone using The Force
  13. The ‘tab’ you have is your inner shin/calf area for the velcro. There doesn’t seem to be much room on the outer side to do very much of an overlap. Check your clip greeblie to make sure you have enough room to apply it. The indentions as-is are almost the same size as the clip greeblie. I believe from the research I’ve done on these that the outer seam is meant to be fitted as a butt seam with a strip inside to glue each piece to. The other thing I’ve found is that if you use the formed trim lines, it seems that once you put the shin and calf together the spat doesn’t go around them. I wanted to leave the top part where it was and trim around the ankle to help the spat fit, but I have yet to have time to play with it all. The spat needs almost all of its return edge removed. If anyone else had better information or some tips, please chime in. Sent from my iPhone using The Force
  14. If you look on the inner chest piece, there’s a ‘very’ faint line where they tried to give us a place to cut. It’s supposed to match the curvature of the back piece very close to the vents. It’s a bit hard to see. (Pic is screenshot from KB’s FOTK Armor Building Facebook page) Sent from my iPhone using The Force
  15. Haven’t posted in a while due to remodeling the garage. I’ve been spending so much time out there with this build that it moved up on the honey-do list to Priority One! With that said I’ve got pictures. Let me start by saying one thing: magnets hurt. I read before that these 7/8x1/8 magnets were strong.. but man. I’ve played with magnets as a kid but never over a dozen at a time! These little guys can jump far and can really snap those fingers! As said by others, be careful with these.. the magnetic field of a big stack reaches a long way. I’ve pulled single magnets off the table from over two feet away while holding a stack. And it hurt. Bad. They also can and will break when a bare magnet hits the other hard enough. Via my research on this forum, these are the ones I have: I do have some gluing pictures. But a majority of my time was spent trimming. So. Much. Trimming. I’m gluing some pieces tonight. Using e6000 on everything with plenty of drying time and following over seams with ABS paste. I have some Pro-Flex finishing putty for the final touch ups before priming and painting the pieces. Been following Ruthar and TheSwede’s builds for help. Somehow all of Ukswrath’s pictures are completely gone. But luckily the other two in conjunction with KB’s Facebook build groups, I’ve managed ok. Tonight I decided to make the basic attachments. I cut these tabs and started assembly on the spats. Took advice from Ruthar’s thread and will be heat molding these for the spats. Cut a few ruler sized tabs for use on the biceps and shins to be done later tonight. Also made me torso tabs and went ahead and cut those down and glued them. I did finish up the shoulder bells. Not much to those. Trim the pieces and leave them sticking out about 1/2”. And I also glued and trimmed up the chest/back pieces. I really wrestled with leaving the inner chest piece whole. Granted they are whole on the screen used armor but from what I understand, that was a different material, and I couldn’t get the chest to do what I wanted without flaring out the outter chest/back ‘wings’ on the side. So after reading the KB build thread, I decided to do what almost every does and cut the inner chest and use two arms. It’s much more flexible but was a pain to try and get it just right. After some persistence with trying to create my first batch of ABS paste, I finally made some. And boy do you have to work fast! It was messy but I got what I wanted. Had to fill the seam where the inner chest met the vents on the back. Trimming was a pain because the trimming line (a new improvement to the current mold on the chest piece) was not very distinguishable. I will say after gluing that the shoulder area is probably the stiffest and sturdiest part of the armor. In other news, 3D-Props should be shipping out my TLJ Blaster (w/stock) and Pistol soon. I have the scout light, Blast FX kit and LEDs to do once I receive them. Teresa just posted on FB that she’s currently sewing the current run of gaskets, harnesses, and seals that I’m on. So hopefully it won’t be long so I can start test fitting things. I’d really like to have those before I do my arms and thighs. Until next time. Sent from my iPhone using The Force
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