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  1. I just emailed them to myself and it gave me the option to resize! I’m I over at spec ops now too.
  2. I tried to upload a photo but it was too large! I’ll scale one down when I get home and make sure and post it up! Should I start a build thread here? As lucnak mentioned I may be getting dropped in the Spec Ops. Thanks for the warm welcome! That would make sense! With it being so new and myself being new I had no idea where to start so they said this would be the best place to start. I’ll head over there and make a account too, thanks for the heads up and warm welcome!
  3. Hello troopers! My name is Jeremy, but everyone calls me by my last name “Biddle”. I have recently started work on my first kit ever and I am loving every second of It so far. I have a jsin/kb props jet trooper kit(yeah, we fly now!) that I am planning to goto the 501st with. So far I have the helmet near complete and the armor should be coming in sometime within the next couple months. I know the jet trooper is really new and no CRL is in place for it yet, but I was referred here from a Carolina Garrison member to hopefully help with that! I really look forward to getting to know some if you and to learn as much as I can along the way! Cheers and MTFBWY! EDIT: Photos added!
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