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  1. Hi everyone, thanks for the input! I am reaching out to RS to see about getting replacements.
  2. Got my RS commission (ANH) recently and have a buddy take some photos of me suited up (reference below). The main problem is that the biceps are very tight on me and are about as far up my arm as I can get them (they also make suiting up almost impossible to do on my own). I was thinking of removing all the return edges to try and buy more space, but I am not sure that will help much. Other option I was looking at was to space out the biceps slightly by placing some cover strips on the inside of the biceps to make them bigger (Saw a post about it from Joseph). Picture below of how the current return edges look on the biceps (pretty much identical for both). Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the feedback! Any advice on how I should go about trimming the brow? Do I need to take it off and then cut or can I do it while it’s on the helmet? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi Glen, thanks for the feedback! The biceps are very tight and are pretty much as far up my arm as I can get them. I am hoping that bringing the shoulders down and closer to my body will allow the overlap. The shoulders look much closer in the reference than what I have (especially that left one ).
  5. 1. First/last name: Jim Little 2. Future Garrison/Squad/Outpost or local area: Florida Garrison/Makaze Squad 3. Armor Maker: RS 4. Helmet Maker: RS 5. Cloth Belt Maker: RS 6. Neck Seal Maker: RS 7. Boot Maker: Imperial Boots 8. Blaster Maker: RS 11. Height: 6'1 12. Weight: 185 lbs 13. TK Type: ANH Stunt Any feedback is greatly appreciated! I had a buddy help me out with the pictures and I can already see some problems with the dressing I should have addressed during the pictures . The big problem I am having at the moment are the biceps being rather small (they are pushed up about far as I can get them). Any ideas on how I can increase the sizing? This is an RS commission.
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