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  1. These are images of the 3D rendering done by Sergie to create the weapon. This is the first prototype he made. Its similar to the finished product I received (at least this si what it looks like after its assembled)
  2. Thank you all for your responses! I can actually happily say that I own one of these. I ascertained it 3D printed from a man named Sergie in Russia. (I cannot say enough good things about him and the product I got) The weapons is ridiculous in every sense of the word. Its huge, its bulky, its heavy, and its the most glorious piece of Imperial weaponry I've ever had the pleasure of holding. Its Gorgeous. I can post the link to it if anyone is interested in getting one themselves. To my knowledge I own number 3 of 3 in the world right now. I have been in close contact with my CO about using it a
  3. Hello and good day fellow HWT! I recently happened upon a most glorious Imperial Heavy Rotary Blaster as seen in the Solo movie. I wanted to try to see if it could be added to the HWT CRL or at least hear others' thoughts on the matter. I did contact the detachment leader about the matter as recommended by my Garrison CO but its been a while and have heard no response so i decided to bring the matter here. The weapon in question is featured during the Battle of Mimban scene in Solo by a member or Becket's crew named Korso. It is an Imperial issued Heavy Rotary cannon,
  4. I am not, Can you direct me to it please? I NEED one of these patches. lol We clearly have more than enough people interested but theres just no one to run it.
  5. Looking for an update on this
  6. If need be, I would be willing to design a new one. can't say it will be very good XD I like the design of the patch up top. Battlefront was a failure of a game so i don't really care if they use the term shock trooper in it We're the real Shock Troopers and I wont let that game change that!! But seriously, I'd really like a HWT patch to put on my jacket, its literally the last thing i need to finish it.
  7. Yeah my buddy did something similar, only he used a voltage regulator so he could use a 9v battery instead of 4 AA
  8. Any fellow TKs! I need help with finding some helmet fans, I had a few suggestions but wanted to hear what others use. what they think works best or offers the most ventilation. A buddy of mine said he uses Echo fans. how are these? and where would i get them?
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