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  1. On that note, let me know if you want me to try taking it apart if you want to figure out how it's made for customization purposes.
  2. I ended up picking one of these up during the cast preview and of course couldn't post about it during the NDA window There's also a small compartment for sticking a passport-sized photo
  3. Improved the shin closures with the tried & true method, thank goodness! Didn't take of the Velcro because I can't be bothered at the moment. Two systems are better than one anyhow, right? https://obsidiustk.blogspot.com/2019/04/the-road-to-swcc-2019-what-have-got.html
  4. As for my next update, after mucking around with shin closures for too long, and in prep for Celebration, I'm finally putting in bra hooks. Never been happier to purchase bra hooks in my life! Might leave the Velcro in as well since it's just a big PITA to remove anyhow.
  5. Oddly enough, I still see the question come up in the FB Anovos build thread. The shin post is by far my most viewed post by those who are confused by whichever shin pieces go with which. It's sort of a historical context at this point, I haven't a clue what the current SOP is. What I might do is put a disclaimer at the top stating that the build has changed over time and, honestly, point them to your subject on the matter, since I referenced your thread a lot. Would you be OK with that?
  6. Hello all, I built my armor in 2016 but posted the whole build blog on Blogger. So here, I'm going to make an index for easy access from WhiteArmor. It will be mostly chronological but may skip around the blog's actual timeline based on my work, returning to fix things (coughcoughthighscough), etc. For a purely chronological order, the blog itself is organized as such. Also, since I'm constantly tweaking things, I reserve the right for additions in the future. Index: Unboxing: These are your first steps... Arms: Bicep trimming Bicep fitting and cover strips Bicep assembly Forearm fitting Bicep and forearm gluing Trimming bicep cover strips Forearm gluing cont'd Forearm assembly Revisiting forearm fit Trimming forearm cover strips Trimming forearm cuff for fit Strapping arms using Anovos Velcro straps Improving on the Anovos hand guard straps Making screen-accurate should straps that work with the Anovos Velcro method Legs: Shin trimming Shin cover strips Shin fitting Shin cover strips cont'd Properly mating the shin halves (Shin-gate) Shin initial assembly Shin back closures using Velcro Shin back closures using bra hooks Adding felt to shins to reduce boot wear Thigh trimming Thigh fitting Thigh fitting cont'd Thigh cover strips Thigh front assembly Shimming thighs (for troopers with big thighs) Trimming thigh tops (FOR SHORT TROOPERS ONLY) Rebuilding thighs if you removed too much material Making thigh garters Ammo pack and sniper knee trimming Sniper knee mounting More on sniper knee mounting Mounting right thigh ammo pack with split rivets Torso: Chest and back piece trimming Reinforcing the thin Anovos chest piece Ab, kidney, and butt plate trimming Torso pieces test fitting Mounting kidney plate straps using split rivets Mounting the cod piece/ butt plate strap & snaps Ab plate snaps for belt and upper right strap (Solo snap) Mounting butt plate snaps Mounting the cod piece strap and split rivets with ABS washer reinforcement Shoulder strap trimming Reinforcing the shoulder straps with scrap ABS Mounting the shoulder straps Ab, kidney, and but strapping using the Anovos Velcro straps Repairing a cracked kidney plate Painting ab plate buttons Mounting ab plate buttons Belt: Reinforcing the v1 Anovos belt Rebuilding the Anovos belt with a belt from ImperialIssue.comRepairing cracked belt plastic Thermal Detonator: TD Initial construction Rebuilt TD for better screen accuracy Helmet: Dealing with the terrible Anovos hardhat strap Anovos hardhat strap cont'd Blacking out helmet interior Replacing Anovos ear screws with screen accurate screws Replacing the Anovos hardhat strap with padding TKTalkie com FX system: TKTalkie v2 TKTalkie v3 TKTalkie v3.15 (sound glove beta) TKTalkie v4 (sound gloves & voice modulation) Other Accessories: Soft parts & boots Bracketed helmet fan assembly Bracketed helmet fan assembly cont'd Seriously overbuilt bracketed fan system Simplified fan system using 4x mini blowers HyperFirm A-Grade E-11 blaster (NO LONGER SOLD NEW) Repainting the Disney E-11 Stormtrooper blaster (NO LONGER SOLD AS NEW) Constructing a Hearing Assist powered by USB Power Bank Abating RF noise from a wireless mic for your hearing assist Non-canon accessories
  7. Your calf halves look possibly mismatched. If you've used E6000, you can disassemble them and swap the halves and see if they match better that way with less gap.. Otherwise follow Troopermaster's sage advice.
  8. QFT. First WonderCon I did in armor and the damn Chicago screw fell out on one side. Sour way to end a troop. Taught me to pack spares and thread lock them in
  9. I have the Anovos suit (way back when it was on presale for $350), but it's hard to go wrong with RS Props from what I've seen and others have told me.
  10. Agreed with everyone here. Wranglers are your best option. If you must carry something on your person, passport wallets are a good option. If you need easier access, some GMLs might let you get away with a "cheat pouch" on your belt opposite your blaster holster, usually colored black or white, where you could put some items, especially considering any medical conditions. I use one for conventions.
  11. Digging this build. Looking forward to seeing more
  12. Agreed. Bondo is great for auto body work, but for building armor, most of it is butt joint or overlap, depending on the armor and CRL; in either case you don't need a seamless fill. Unless you're building a FO TK, where you do need seamless joints between two armor pieces, I'd stick with E-6000.
  13. Welcome aboard! For Centurion, I'm not sure if I have anything to add beyond what others have posted. Check the CRL and then bounce off of some of the guides here. Feel free to ask if you have any questions Cheers!
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