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  1. Hi I need to replace one of my ab plate buttons on my armor. Where can these be purchased? Ideally anywhere in Canada would be preferred. <br><br> Christina
  2. I like the glass lense cover idea over the decal.
  3. I just bought a pair of brass ANH binders...go authentic. <br><br> <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/31076-anh-screen-accurate-binders/?fromsearch=1'>http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/31076-anh-screen-accurate-binders/?fromsearch=1</a>
  4. Looking good. Curious how are the drop ammo boxes attached to the belt can you post a pic?
  5. PM sent, I have Darman making me a binder holster as well.
  6. The tops of my shins are both cracked from impacting the thigh pieces so I'm going to cut away as well. Thanks for the pics as reference.
  7. Are you making these to sell? I'd be interested.
  8. Amazing please tell me you are selling these? I don't need the Bluetooth version a empty one would be fine. PM sent.
  9. Do you have pictures of your comlink? Did you build a clip to attached it as well. Would love to see as I'm very interested in getting one.
  10. Those ANH brass binders are amazing! Pm sent inquiring if you still make and sell them.
  11. The E-11 is not replica of a WWII British Sterling. They used it as the basis for building a laser blaster weapon for a movie. I think being screen accurate is more important than trying to match something from WWII.
  12. Certainly impressive. Ever considered a threaded attachment so the barrel threads onto the base? <br> Ordering one!
  13. Does the tripod legs move or are they fixed?
  14. Apply heat, I used a hair dryer on high for approx 25 seconds on the pieces glued by e6000 and they "slowly" lifted off with the gentle pressure from a flat head screw driver slowly prying them up. The first will take 2-3 blasts of heat. Be patient and go slow. <br><br> Rub away the left over residue and you are good to go.
  15. I was hoping to do this week. But since there's nothing local it will have to wait. <br><br> I reached to Mark at AP to order some. My helmet is AP. The rest is a 5 year set of AM.
  16. Thanks for the video, hopefully you do photos or another video when you put it on and fully suit up. Curious to see how the fit is.
  17. Having no luck finding any ABS plastic at any of the hobby stores in the Hamilton Burlington area in Ontario where can I get ABS plastic? I need 8 pieces 20 mm wide for my thigh tops. And some extra for tabs and armor repair. <br><br> Help please.
  18. What foam are people using inside their armor to pad the inside. The armor I purchased has simple grey foam chunks duct taped in. Is there a better type of foam to use to pad with? <br><br> The padding is in the forearms, calf pieces and thighs.
  19. I just bought the DeWalt case as well off Amazon. I'm going to pad the inside and paint the outside.
  20. Outstanding videos thank you so much for sharing!!
  21. What do you recommend to be packed into a tool/repair kit to travel with you while out trooping?
  22. I played paintball for years and everyone's lenses fogged up but my friend and I. Get a small pump spray bottle like a 3 or 5 Oz. Mix of water and dish soap. I squirt on each lense and wipe away. No more fog.
  23. Is there a link to order these or order from your next batch?
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