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  1. What's been said above, drop boxes are mis-aligned. Need new boots those won't get you approved. Thighs are too long, you must be around 5'7" or 5'8" you'll need to trim the top there is good examples on the forum how to do that best to search and follow those. Best advise if you are looking for evaluation of your armor is post the same photos you'd post for submission, straight on front and back view, right and left side. That will help us guide you to what's wrong. Action poses may be fun but hide errors from us.
  2. I'd be interested in the ammo belt and the 3 button cover. I'll PM you.
  3. I user a 1 piece visor and attach them with Chicago screws. You could adapt this to individual lenses if you wanted. Deatils in my post below.<br><br> <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/36129-helmet-visor-installation/#entry478518'>http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/36129-helmet-visor-installation/#entry478518</a>
  4. Did you consider gluing those those ABS tabs to the armor directly to reinforce that area?
  5. I just got my Hyperfirm DLT19 and want to repaint the stock with the bakelite finish. Any suggestions or tutorials on doing this?<br><br> Christina
  6. Well my build is completed as of March 9th, submitted for approval March 10th and approved March 11th. TK 21421 is ready for deployment and I had actually my first Troop March 13th.
  7. My cast resin E-11 Blaster with Replica Hengstler counter and modified scope.
  8. TK 21421 requesting Access to the 501st. <br><br> <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20845'>http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20845</a>
  9. I got the idea from the puddy examples but to me that felt too messy and I heard the puddy came off on some people. I know the e6000 will hold.
  10. I removed the light green film that came with my AP helmet and added dark green lenses instead. Here is how I went about doing it... I took 5 Chicago screws ( Four 1/4" for the outsides and one 3/8" for the middle) and then drilled a hole in a strip of abs to put the screw through it so that when e6000 glued down the screw is held in place by the base of the abs plate. I also heat bent the abs so the screw base sat flush with the helmet when glued so the screws base tops were flush with the edge of the eye hole. The screw backs were covered with a square of white duct tape so no metal to abs melting would occur especially concerned for that as the helmet is thin compared to the armor. Plates glues in place: Then I bought a dark green grinding shield off amazon and cut out a visor shape to fit over the eyes and drilled holes to line up with the Chicago screw bases. I did one hole at a time and screwed it in as the visor needs to be bent in and held for the tightest fit to position each screw. Once all 5 holes were done all 5 screws were inserted and here is the finished look. The grinding shield has enough extra for a spare replacement lens visor and enough to make likely 4 individual lenses. The middle screw could be swapped out and 2 inner eye corner screws placed in and then you could do individual lens if you wanted. I prefer the single lens myself. The finished assembly: Christina
  11. Thought I would share photos of the Neck Seal made by Veedox I bought. These really are great, soft, comfortable with a great glossy shine finish. I went with the dickey style over the full bib that they also make. They have a Velcro closure which I prefer over the zippered style. Their customer service is amazing I had a sizing issue on my order and they resolved it. If you want a very screen accurate neck seal I highly recommend the Veedox one. ------------
  12. I wanted stormtrooper binders for trooping, great fun for kids in photo ops. I ended up getting two different sets of binders, the first was the Disney Store ROTJ style that they released at the theme parks a couple years back. These are white plastic with foam padding inside. There is a button on the outside the release the cuffs when locked. They won't fit an large adult male but children and most women and smaller build men should fit these. I also decided to get a set of ANH style brass metal binders. These are held closed my magnets. Produced are hand made by 501st member Randy (TK21029) these will fit most people but likely not ideal for children as they are metal and you could pinch your skin in these. Both sets are connected in the middle on a single pivot point and rotate. I also had Darman make me holsters for each one, for the ROTJ style I went with a open pouch black leather system that hangs from the belt and for the the ANH style a closed white leather pouch that slips over the belt. The ROTJ binders also comes with a plastic clip to hang them but compared to the Darman holster there is no comparison,there is a pic at the end showing the clip. ------------
  13. Some further details on the inside my build, all new strapping and snaps...
  14. I cancelled my Diamond State Props DLT19 when i was notified of their closing. I ordered the Hyperfirm DLT19 from Lewis the same day on the 15th and it was finished and shipped out within a week and arrived on the 29th. It's across the border at a fellow troopers house till March 19 when he comes up for the Comic-con. Can't wait to get it.
  15. After just over 2 months I'm finally nearing completion of my ANH Stunt TK. The armor was purchased used of a 501st member who trooped with it for 5 years. I've had to update and re-modify the armor to fit me, all new strapping and snaps within, new thighs, chest, back, and shoulders. I've also added side rivets, abdomen cod plate rivet, butt dual snaps, and right abdomen single snap. The armor is a mix of AM 1.0 and 2.0, the chest, back and shoulders are updated with 2.0 versions for screen accuracy the rest is all 1.0. The helmet is new by AP with a Echo fan system, neckseal by Veedox, Underarmor undersuit, boots are TKboots, belt by TKettle, holster is custom made by Andy Pegan, communications are icomm with the 1506 voice booster. The e-11 blaster is made by QuestDesignCanada and I'm in the process of modifying it, I've hollowed out scope and I'm adding real lenses in it, resin screws have been replaced by real screws, overall weathering being added, and a replica hengstler by TK 50101 Blue Snaggletooth arriving this week. I'll post a review of that once its done next week. I'm horrible at remembering to take photos during I always remember after when its too late. I also have a slavefive hyperfirm DLT19 in transit as well. Here is the 99% completed build: The goal is to be completed for approval to the 501st with the next 2 weeks. Left to do is install lens in the helmet and finish assembly on the thermal detonator, I'm waiting on Evilboy clips for that so I'm at the mercy of the maker and the mail system. I still want to trim out the forearms return edge and then redo the forearms and biceps with new cover strips instead of the current overlap joints, but I'll do that later I want to get this approved and troop. More photos of armor details and wearing this to come in the next 2 weeks. This TK will eventually be turned into a TD Sandtrooper later this summer. I've ordered a Troopmaster ANH Hero TK from Paul at TM that will replace this TK when I get that this spring. Busy building year ahead. Hope it looks good! Christina
  16. The left has the swoop the right doesn't. They are a bit big so if you are small I could see that being an issue but for me at 6'2" they are great!
  17. Im 6'2" and have AM armour the only issue is the shins feel about 1-2" short. Otherwise everything else fits great.<br><br> I have a second TK on order a TM stormtrooper from Paul with extra long shins.
  18. Great build! Looks amazing! Can't wait to get my TM armour and build mine.
  19. That's intense! Quite the mod for a detail obscured by the belt. Looks great though.
  20. Looks really good. Nice inner helmet fitting. <br><br> You'll need to add side shims if you want expert or centurion level. And your holster is too far back from the ammo belt. <br><br> Your legs and shins are really close together can you walk was in it? Go up stairs?
  21. What strapping system are you going with on the torso? Straps and snap plates? I'll give a word of caution of the original wire strapping system. Its great but not for 2mm abs. Its so thick and rigid it can add stress with that system. Troopmaster who makes the TM armor in 1.5mm and 2mm warns against wire strapping on 2mm.
  22. For the sniper knee I have a strip of 1 inch foam in the front of my shin armor about 2 inches down from the top. It pushes your knee plate forward and never impacts the thigh. A very simple fix. I can post a pic if you want to see it just PM me if you do. <br><br> You are well along on your build I'd recommend double snaps for areas of high stress as snaps do pop off. I don't know what velcro was provided sounds like they went with inexpensive hook and loop generic. So I could see that failing. But real industrial strength velcro is bullet from it will never fail or come apart. I use it on my shoulders bell straps and on my elastic strap from bicep to forearms it's like it's glued in place. Buy it at Home Depot. Its worth it.
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