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  1. Hi guys....... Please move if this is not the correct place to post this..... wasn't sure which section to start the thread.... Well......... After many years in the making.... Actually after many years of getting my back side into gear and many months of research and development I am pleased to show off the new CFO ANH/ESB Hovi Mic tip project we have been working on. I was lucky enough to have someone approach me to purchase one of my ROTJ Helmets who is a 3D modeller and has worked on designing parts for Mercedes, Lexus, BMW etc. He is very into to new and improved scanning and modell
  2. No,<br><br> They seem to be a bit of a hybrid. More ANH but trimmed up for movement. With subtle changes here and there.
  3. The connoisseur choice of adhesives is liquid solvent cement period.
  4. Looks good. You've done a nice job on the assembly. Good luck.
  5. And there it is. I'm off to cry now.
  6. No reason at all. <br> Maybe blue is more common in the us but you can use any colour you like. I like green. Lol
  7. All good helmets are to be put on this way. It's accurate.
  8. Superglue basically hates water. You could soak it in hot water. I don't think Loctite Superglue remover eats abs but some superglue remover is pretty much just acetone which will.
  9. This is no tell. I wouldn't make a tell this obvious. This is a fault. It's just wrong. No other explanation Not in my mind anyway.
  10. Ordered some time last year. Can't remember when, had no shipping confirmation and couldn't care less when it arrives because it will arrive at some stage. Does anyone know how to put these things together or know what tools and supplies i might need? What else do I need to complete the costume? Anovos is crap...... No they're not they're amazing..... Hold on a minute what am I saying? Is this the right forum? Will I ever get what I ordered. What's a BBB? What's ABS? A bucket? That's what you put water in isn't it?
  11. Exactly.... looks like it was formed that way so the mould is wrong not the pull
  12. I wasn't even referring to that...... Look on the right side as if looking at it...... the bottom gum is way warped..... I've not seen that on any cast before...
  13. Wow! what's with the teeth? That's not normal?
  14. I don't think it was from me as I always offer Trim...... Apart from me and Paul I did not think anyone else did ROTJ?
  15. As much as I enjoy reading this thread is it really necessary for everyone to post if they have had notification of shipment yet or not? Its all a little tedious.
  16. Looks OK to me....... You can criticise all day long but if you got on the first tier...... you done good......
  17. It happens to the best of us....... Just keep in mind that if people want quality they will find you......Recasting will happen but I can guarantee that it will second rate compared to the original........funnily enough it has not effected me at all even though my mic tips and helmets and armour have been recast..... Just carry on what you are doing and you'll be fine..... You wouldn't believe the stories I have been told by recasters of my products..... it's laughable!
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